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So we’re off to Peru for a humanitarian adventure!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Dec 26, 2009

So I am gone to Peru for 10 days with my daughter. (No, it won’t be sunny and warm, but thanks for the well wishes just the same!) I’m sure I’ll tell you all about it when I get home!

Despite my sketchy access to a computer, I will magically continue to blog here regularly—and leave you all to wonder how that happened, haha. So keep talking to me!

I hope your Christmas, if you celebrate it, was wonderful. Many years ago when I realized our health required dietary changes, it was a challenge for me to replace the unhealthy holiday traditions with healthier ones.

I remember a Christmas 20 years ago, when I was married but had no children yet. We always spent the holidays at my former husband’s parents’ house in Phoenix. We got lots and lots of candy in the stockings (after a couple weeks of eating pies, nachos, and lots of homemade cinnamon rolls, fudge, and Christmas cookies). On the 11-hour drive back to Utah, we didn’t want to stop for “real” food (we were college students and had no money), so we ate not much else besides lots of our Christmas-stocking candy.

I walked into our apartment, from the car, and promptly passed out! My blood sugar just couldn’t take it anymore. At 42, I would never do the awful things to my body I was doing at 22—thank goodness!

In recent years, we don’t have a house full of sugar. Consequently, we also don’t have a house full of illness! I don’t miss either one, very frankly. Neighbors have mostly figured out that we’re not the people to give the can of Almond Roca to. (Not that we’d ever say a word if they did besides, “Thank you, how kind!” But now we get lovely fruit baskets and non-food items, which is fun. We can always “re-gift” the Almond Roca.) We eat a little fudge or whatever when we’re at a Christmas party, but we don’t make it or have it at home. My kids aren’t growing up with those traditions, and that’s okay. (Have I mentioned no one at my house has been sick during this swine-flu fall/winter?)

Are you reflecting on 2009, and gearing up for a new year with new goals? I hope 2010 is the very best year of your life! I have lots of goals, personal and professional, and I hope the GreenSmoothieGirl site serves you better in ’10 than it did in ‘09. I hope next year’s group buy is a lot smoother. I hope I can continue to learn about what you need in your quest to be healthy, and address that in my writing and development.

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