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Healthy Holiday Special! 50% Off Our Beloved Superfood BlendBars

(Pink & Green Boxes)

Special treat bar. The bar of goodness. The best bar in the world.

These are only a few of the ways our customers have described our guilt-free BlendBars—which allow you to take the nutrition of a smoothie with you anywhere!

If you LOVE our bars...or want to try them…

...or you want something healthy to take along with you this holiday season—while you’re shopping, traveling, or attending a party or event…

Now’s the time to grab some boxes of our Pink and Green Smoothie BlendBars—because they are 50% off for a limited time.

Due to an error in our inventory, we have extra boxes of Pink and Green Smoothie BlendBars that have best-buy dates for mid-January.

The best-buy date doesn’t have to do with the safety of the food, so you can still eat them after that date. Though the BlendBars are so easy and so tasty, you’ll gobble them up before then anyway!

You can eat them for breakfast or a snack, share them with a friend, or feel good giving them to your kids (who will love them as much as you do).

Having a nutritious treat when you’re on the go will support your health and help you stay well during this busy time of the year.

Pink and Green BlendBars are the perfect healthy treat to enjoy for the holidays, and anytime—available for a limited time for 50% off.

People Love the Green Smoothie Bar...

“The Green Smoothie Bars might be my favorite. They are rich in all the best greens to satisfy my hunger, and give my brain a boost to stay focused! Seriously, I have never liked energy bars, but these are so moist and nutritious I have no doubt I will be keeping more of these on hand!”

Diane G.
Moiese, MT


And the Pink Smoothie Bar...

“Pink Smoothie is a super fruit bonanza giving you sweet, sour, chewy, and nutty in a perfect balance that leaves you wishing for just one more bite, so I take small ones.”

Lynne D.
Walterboro, SC

This healthy holiday special won’t last long...

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