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I love to get them and hear about your family and your life! If something on this site or my lectures, books, or videos has impacted your life, write me a note! Send them to

Robyn Openshaw

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  1. Hi Robyn, I love the easy going way you give us nutritional info. And keep up the videos – I learn visually and this makes recipes come alive.

    Two Great Recipes : after four phone calls I found Irish Moss – not at the health food stores – but at a herb shop in midtown KC. Phoenix Herb

    Smoke House Almonds……….WOW….WOW…….. did I mention WOOOOOW!! First batch done today and I”m sure they are addictive. {could not have such culinary delight had you not talked me into an Excalibur Dehydrator}

    Yhanks for all you do,

    Mike in KC, MO.

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