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Why I Love Coconut Oil!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Feb 28, 2014

This is national COCONUT OIL WEEK. (Not really. I just decided declared it so! But all week, on the blog, I’m going to educate you on this blog about the virtues of this amazing food that is far more than just a food. And ways to use it. There is a vast amount of data on the ways it benefits your health, that you really should know about. Medium chain fatty acids are critical for neurological health, and they’re found nowhere more plentifully than in unrefined tropical oils.

Uses for coconut oil are profound. These are my daily uses:

—the perfect moisturizer (my nightly moisturizer, and daily too, sometimes)

—the perfect butter / margarine / shortening replacer in baking (makes perfect baked goods)

—the perfect sauteing oil, as it does not create “trans fats” at high heats, like even olive oil does

—the perfect deodorant, in a small jar—even better to add baking soda and a very pure essential oil like lavender, wild orange, or peppermint.

—an incredible detoxifier when you use it for the powerful Ayurvedic tradition of “oil pulling,” a simple habit you do when you wake up, that may build bone density in the teeth and kill pathogens.


Come back all week for more fun facts about coconut oil, which I believe slows aging of my skin, and also eliminated my wintertime cold fingers and toes circulation problem, when I started using it years ago.

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8 thoughts on “Why I Love Coconut Oil!”

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  1. patrice morrow says:

    Are the raw almonds still in their shells?

    1. Robyn says:

      No, raw almonds are shelled.

  2. Paula Jackman says:

    Researching on the site coconut.com mentioned their is no real category for extra virgin coconut oil. It mentions that all coconut oil is refined. The best process according to them is a heated wet milling fermentation process.What process has been used to extract this oil?

  3. I purchased the Coconut Oil from the second chance buy and it is the best, I have never tried it before purchasing this 1 gal. and I am using it for everything and I stopped using butter. The smell and the taste are phenomenal, Thanks for all of the great advice Robyn, I am just getting started and am looking forward to whole food living instead of processed food dying.

    1. Nancy says:

      Wheredid you get this coconutoil

  4. Do you put the coconut oil in any smoothies?

    1. mgm says:

      Traci – we do at our house. we put one tbls per smoothie in a small metal measuring cup and melt it on the warming plate of our coffee maker. When it’s clear, we pour it slowly into an already whirring smoothie – blends right in.

  5. Cynthia Taylor says:

    Is the Group Buy still open? I know it was ending the end of October and I would love to be included in the order. I am new to your site and just found out about it. I make my own muesli for my family and me and do not have a source for many of the products in their raw and unprocessed state.
    Thanks very much.

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