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San Diego, thank you! Part 1 of 2

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Apr 13, 2011

I really enjoyed meeting many amazing friends in San Diego last Weds. night, before the wedding festivities of one of my BFF’s.

Thursday we did Sea World and had a party that night. Friday morning before the wedding, we–the four best friends, and the bride–went for a five-mile run along the water. Just like we do every morning at home (sans the waterfront).

I was complaining about 2 days of having to listen to Jamie’s never-ending Pandora lineup of Whitney, Celine, Barbra, Neil, and Barry sappy love songs. (If you’re a Fanilow, sorry.)

The bride, Kristi, said, “Yep, it’s a weird thing about Jamie, but we love her anyway. Just like we love you despite your weird RAW FOOD thing!”

They laugh, but they all drink green smoothies even if they also eat candy by the truckload. I try to do my part. When they’re ready we’ll take it to the next level. Nobody was really going for the homemade sprouted veggie-flax crackers and sprouted cocoa almonds I pulled out of my purse, and I was the only one ordering wheat grass shots at Jamba, too.

Stacy S. was the host of my lecture. She and her husband Todd not only organized the event (175 chairs, not easy to come by!) against a gorgeous ocean backdrop (can you see it in the photo?), but they did it while facing some daunting personal challenges. I am thankful to them, so impressed by them–Stacy is a great communicator and event organizer and one of those people you just adore even if you just met her.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the warm welcome in California and especially to Stacy! My gf’s and I loved our stay at the Ocean View Villas.

I told Stacy that the year after my divorce (2008), I felt like I was underwater, just clobbered with the catastrophe unfolding in my life. But one of the few things I didn’t let go of was my family’s nutrition.

(I let go of many things. I was a dedicated piano mom, and I let all my kids quit! Three of them came back, voluntarily, two years later! If you’re going through a dark time, I promise, there is light at the end of the tunnel–nothing intense lasts!)

I clung to strong nutrition practices because I knew that it’s hard to get back in the wagon when you fall off. And because I knew it would keep ugly depression away. And it did! That, meaningful work (I developed 12 Steps to Whole Foods that year), and yoga, saved me from feeling that my life had spun completely beyond my control.

I’m so impressed that in one of the darker hours of Stacy’s life, she’s a ROCK for her family, progressing their health while being brave in the face of challenges. One of the great blessings in my GSG life is getting to meet people like her whom I’d never otherwise know.

More tomorrow about this….

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  1. Hey Robyn, its Trish. Just wanna say that today I had the most delicious green juice ever! I finished one bag of ormus greens and wanted something green and juicy! I have come to really love and enjoy the flavor of all veggies (well, maybe not radishes so much yet…lol) and am always going to be grateful for you starting this up so I could learn from you and begin my path! I love you much and hope you can come to Texas soon!

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