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Fad Diets: The HCG Diet

You know people who took HCG to lose weight, right? It’s right up there with fen-phen, Olestra, and so many other man-made debacles trying to get us out of doing the work of getting to our ideal weight.

So the FDA kinda-sorta banned HCG for being the fraud that it is. But, some hucksters are still trying to sell versions of it under “homeopathic” labels on Amazon. Beware. In this new video, I share why you want to stay away from this fad.

(And the others that will inevitably come down the pike, trying to manipulate metabolism. Weight loss is a mega-billion-dollar industry, and those who are vulnerable to claims and hype suffer the most. Time to get educated about HCG, if you don’t know what a racket it is!)

Certain laws are immutable. There’s no way around those laws to ditch some extra weight. We need to eat a bit less and replace processed foods with natural ones—and break a sweat every day!


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