Retreat is cancelled

Ron Hatfield has informed me that he’s being foreclosed on and cannot host the retreat. We cannot arrange any acceptable local venues at this late date. I was very excited about the retreat and had spent a lot of time planning it (also had a bunch of videos done, about it). Unfortunately I have no choice but to cancel it. You’ll be receiving refunds today if you haven’t already, and please write if you had airfare and will incur a change/cancel fee. I will pay those fees. I’m sorry!

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  1. I too am sorry to hear about your retreat being cancelled. As a new visitor to your page (I just bought your great book at Barnes/Noble), I noticed that you just finished a class on “12 Steps”. How often do you have these? My wife and I live in Lehi and would enjoy learning more at some future time.

    Thank you.

  2. So sorry that it had to be cancelled. I was looking forward to meet you and your team. I live in Colombia and have a trip planned to the US in May and was going to fit Utah in. =(

    Come to Colombia!

  3. Robyn,

    Had to send a bit of thoughts & positive vibes your way!

    Know the energies this takes and know as a green smoothie lover your Self will go on….

    just know we are out here sending you the good vibes..


  4. Yeh, same as Jan. I feel sad for you, but there must be a reason for it and I’m sure something way better is on the way.

    Hope all the un-organising goes smoothly and that a better venue/date comes up for you and the team. Blessings to you.

  5. How discouraging! But, often things happen for a reason, even if we never find out what it was. I don’t write this tritely – my house burned down and we lost all, one fine day years ago, and I can recount many blessing that came of that, which I never would have known had it stayed intact. God knows best, but doesn’t always tell! Keep up all the great work. Stay positive and wonderful : )

  6. After all your creative hopes & dreams poured in to this event, I am sad for your personal loss. You are such an awesome inspiration & educator, offering truth & humility in all you do. Keep the Sunshine of the Spirit in your heart…you will find the Next Best Thing. Blessed be!

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