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Are you Ready for May 1 Live Detox?

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Apr 14, 2014

detox2It’s our third-ever LIVE GreenSmoothieGirl Detox! That’s where we “man” the detox forum for 26 days. You bring a buddy, and we all tune our engines with powerful habits and diet, together! I made a 3-minute video to show you what the program’s all about, here.

This program leverages the best science and functional medicine, that you can do yourself, of the greatest detox scientists:

Max Gerson, M.D.; Bernard Jensen, D.C.; Ann Wigmore, M.D.; Doc Wheelwright and Jack Tips, NMD; and Richard Anderson, NMD.

I spent 20 years studying human detoxification, and 3 years developing and beta testing this program, with the help of my amazing staff (Kristin, Jason, and Jamison especially!).

Quick Start GuideI’ve loved supporting several thousand going through it, since we launched it 8 months ago, and you can read their testimonials at the bottom of THIS page.

My favorite thing, this past year, is reading Detox testimonials that come pouring in. I literally did not use 80% of them, even though they’re all great, because WordPress pages have a maximum, and we got SO MANY! I hope for a life-changing experience for you, doing this program, as the GSG Coaches, and thousands of our readers, have had so far.

We’ll be kicking it off May 1, and you can sign up any time between now and Apr. 30. You’ll want some time, though, to review your Detox Manual and your Quick Start Guide that is your daily schedule, with the recipes and shopping lists. So, we recommend you sign up early.

If you don’t bring a buddy, you can find one on the Detox Forum, Full Support participants. A Detox Buddy is very important, for accountability! But if you get a local one, someone you know, you have the added benefits of (a) the discount for Full Support Detox for Two, and (b) someone to split food-prep tasks with. People who come with buddies, especially a local buddy they know, don’t quit! They buddy up3finish, together, and triumphantly!

A large proportion of them then upgrade to Lifetime Membership, so they can do the program with us as many times as they want.

Make sure you read the testimonials to see how our participants felt about the importance of the FULL SUPPORT option!

See you May 1–I can’t wait!


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3 thoughts on “Are you Ready for May 1 Live Detox?”

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  1. Sean says:

    Is this a good program for men also? Is the advice (and portion sizes) mostly geared towards women? How about if I don’t have a buddy to do the program with me?

    1. Robyn says:

      Sean, yes, it’s for men, and lots of men do the detox. There are tips in the manual for what to do for people (men) who have higher caloric needs.

      1. Sean says:

        Good. I don’t want to perish during the detox. LOL.

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