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Raw honey and more awesome stuff—GIVEAWAY!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Mar 22, 2013

Our friend Nature Nate’s is a family-owned business, and they sponsored my lecture in Austin. Be one of the first three to write us at support123@greensmoothiegirl.com and get this awesome giveaway package pictured here!

GSG Basket (2)The three winners are getting a 32-oz raw honey, a 12-oz raw honey, a Nature Nate’s apron, a BPA-free shaker bottle, a 4-oz bottle of Madagascar Vanilla, and an orange spatula. Lucky you! They sent me their product as a Christmas gift, and we love it at my house! We mix it into raw almond butter for sandwiches.

I disappeared my family’s seasonal allergies the year that we began using raw, unfiltered honey. It’s a perfect example of how food can be medicine. The pollen content in honey, untreated by heat, can act much like a homeopathic. I used to be miserable in the spring and fall when pollens were in the air, and thanks to eating just small amounts of raw honey on a regular basis, I solved that problem long ago. Raw honey is also high in minerals, unlike refined sugar, as well as the energy- and sex-drive-stoking royal jelly that keep that queen bee happy.

Check out Nature Nate’s STORE LOCATOR because there are very few companies who are committed to providing truly raw honey, so please support them as a friend of GreenSmoothieGirl, raw food nutrition commitment, and good business ethics.

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3 thoughts on “Raw honey and more awesome stuff—GIVEAWAY!”

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  1. Jason says:

    Your blog is great and your website is exactly what I was looking for to start enjoying green smoothies.

  2. Amanda Olsen says:

    I tried Nature Nate’s honey for the first time a few months ago. I add it to my herbal teas every day and love it. Very sweet and nutritious! Great stuff.

  3. heidi taylor says:

    I love raw honey! Thanks for sharing all this awesome information!

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