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raw food made easy: new vids on the site

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Dec 07, 2009

How do you make decisions about whether to buy organic or not? What do you choose in the greens section of the grocery stores where you shop? How much do you pay? What do I do with the rest of the plant when I buy root vegetables? What are some new things you can put in your smoothies when you get bored?

Check out my two new videos now on the site addressing these issues and giving you a tour through the produce section of one of my favorite local stores:


My favorite part is where I randomly (I did not plan it, I promise) make friends with an elderly shopper named Elizabeth and sell her on raw food made easy with the green smoothie habit. (Don’t chase people down at your grocery store who look like they need help. They won’t appreciate it. But when you are making a video in the grocery store with a film crew, and someone expresses interest, open your mouth and start talking, because you just might be in her path for a reason that day!) 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great videos, Robyn, and some good pointers for what to add to our smoothies.

    Question: you mentioned that if the greens start to go bad you can just pop them in the freezer. What about the dehydrator? Which preserves the most nutrition? Thanks

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