Pudding candy?

“Pudding Candy”

Our reader Britni wrote us:

This picture was affectionately named “pudding candy” by my 5 & 3yr old children. I just saw your blog post about the bowl of candy.I used to love all of the candies in that bowl, and peanut butter cups as well. Here’s what I do now, instead, since I’ve learned to love whole foods!

The mixture below is a spoonful of natural peanut butter next to a spoonful of “pudding”. The pudding is made from

Avocados, organic raw agave, organic raw cacao, organic cold pressed coconut oil, and vanilla. Then I added a scoop of vanilla GSG protein and a scoop of GSG Chocolate Green Light.

It’s a delicious treat that satisfies my kids’ sweet tooth.


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  1. We make something similar. We use coconut oil, green smoothie girl chocolate superfood greens or coco mojo, coconut milk powder, honey and peanut butter. We also use essential oils, cayenne or sea salt to mix up the flavors.

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