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POWER PLATE® Exclusive Deal for GSG Readers Only!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Aug 07, 2015

Power Plate Fitness

Power Plate® Vibration Technology Improves Total Health in Under an Hour

I have something exciting to share with you, something that gives you the ability to get thePower Plate Fitness physical, mental, and therapeutic BENEFITS of long-term cardio and strength-training workouts—in just 15 minutes, three times a week!

PLUS this technology gives you impressive detoxification and bone health benefits at the same time! I first encountered Whole-Body Vibration Technology when I was researching holistic cancer treatment in clinics all over the world. Every clinic I visited, from the famous Hippocrates Institute in Florida to the renowned Paracelsus clinics in Europe, used VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY therapeutic machines. Every time I tried them, I felt so amazing. So energized! I wondered why, and so of course, I went home and started researching.

I learned that this technology began in Russia as Soviet cosmonaut researchers looked for a way to counteract bone and muscle degeneration in the weightlessness of space. Several decades and hundreds of studies later, Vibration Technology has shown to have applications far beyond the exciting benefits I saw in the medical and therapeutic world. Sports trainers, spas, salons, weight-loss clinics, athletic clubs, assisted-living facilities, and gyms are also using harmonic Vibration Technology for its amazing effects with minimal time commitment.

When harnessed in quality-built, medical-grade machines like Power Plate®, harmonic Vibration Technology has POWERFUL effects for your muscles, bones, metabolism, immunity, flexibility, circulation, skin, balance, mood, and more!

How Does It Work?Power Plate Pro5 Control

When you stand on the vibrating platform of the Power Plate®, it vibrates where you set it at 30 to 50 cycles per second on three planes: side-to-side, up-and-down, and front-to-back. This motion generates systematic involuntary muscle contraction 30 to 50 times PER SECOND throughout your body as it compensates for the plate movement. These actions engage between 40 and 80% of your muscle fibers at once, many times per second (traditional heavy-intensity regular exercise maxes out at 25%). The net result is an incredible improvement in strength, balance, flexibility, circulation, and more, with NO strenuous exercise required, and in a drastically reduced amount of time!

What Are The Benefits?


I know what you’re thinking—can Power Plate® replace traditional exercise? Remember that vibration causes rapid muscular firing, up to 50 times per second or 3000 times per minute! Rapid muscle contractions create enormous blood flow, much more than traditional cardiovascular exercise. In fact, 10 minutes of vibration results in similar improvements that take 30 minutes of treadmill running to achieve!

You’re going to NOTICE this immediately. This is a big deal, in a world where we sit at our desks, commute in our cars, and watch TV….most of us live a pretty sedentary life! Since I’m a writer working at home, sometimes for 10-hour days, I love jumping on this machine every couple of hours, just for a few minutes to get ENERGIZED, TOTALLY PUMPED, and ready to get back to work! You’re getting more increase in circulation from just 3 minutes on Power Plate® than you’d get from an hour of massage!

The rapid repetitive contractions occur all the way down to the cellular level, causing a more permeable cellular wall allowing increased uptake of oxygen and nutrients. The result is rapid transport of MUCH HEALTHIER BLOOD throughout the body, giving you energy, reducing pain and soreness, and improving the body’s natural healing process for faster recovery times. Imagine what the increased circulation and energy can do for your LIBIDO and sexual performance, as well!

Detoxification and Immune HealthPower Plate Health

The lymphatic system is a complex system of ducts and nodes that drains toxins from muscles, while delivering antibodies to help fight disease. But the lymph system doesn’t have a pump, so it relies heavily on muscle activity to move the fluids. Therefore, the lymph system can get plugged up in folks who are sedentary. The high levels of muscle contractions you’ll experience on Power Plate® stimulate the lymph to FLUSH those nasties OUT. The result? More energy and LESS SICKNESS!

This is why even a short Power Plate® session, either standing or using the special massage cushion, makes me feel lighter, looser, and more relaxed as the stiffness and tightness of my muscles seems to drain away. My lymph system is doing its work!

Strength and Flexibility in Young and Old

I counted well over 100 athletic teams including NBA, NFL, and NHL teams who train using Power Plate®. Some use it as a strength-and-conditioning machine. Others use it to enhance their warm-up and stretching routine before a training session or a game, and also to regenerate muscles afterward.

Vibration amplifies any motion performed on a vibration plate by a factor of several times—meaning squats, lunges, pushups, ab crunches, bicep curls, etc. result in MORE EFFECTIVE WORK being done by your body in a shorter period of time, with MANY MORE TIMES the muscle fiber engagement. This means you can enhance your overall performance in a fraction of the time!

Meanwhile, the vibration plate’s movements help to strengthen the muscles of your hip flexor and core, to stabilize your entire body and strengthen your spine and improve flexibility. There is MUCH LESS STRESS to the joints, reducing the incidence of injury and joint degradation.

Joint protection is one of the reasons why Power Plate® is the ideal tool for people who have been sedentary, are quite overweight, or who are older. Painful joints, heart problems, balance issues, and trouble breathing are barriers to conventional exercise, but Power Plate® is safe and easy to use.

I reviewed a study that compared a group of older people who performed light strength training on the Power Plate® to another group who performed normal strength training without the Power Plate®. The Power Plate® group scored 50% better improvement in activities for daily living (standing from a chair, climbing stairs, maintaining balance) over the conventional strength training group!

Bone Density

Broken bones are the leading reason elderly people lose their independence. One of the BEST things about the Power Plate® is that it is highly efficient at maintaining bone density to help prevent early onset of osteopenia. That’s because the vibration, along with loaded activities, increases the body’s rapid reflex response and blood flow to the affected areas.

Muscle contractions generated through vibration exert force on the bones, stimulating growth of bone tissue. Stronger muscles and improved balance greatly reduce the risk of falling, especially in the elderly. A study on women over 60 showed that those who used vibration technology reported 35% fewer falls and 52% fewer fractures than those who didn’t! And it gets even better. A year later, their muscle performance remained significantly better than the control group, even after stopping using the vibration technology for a full year!

Weight LossPower Plate My7 Control

Increasing the body’s metabolism in conjunction with detoxification is the best method for rapid and
sustainable weight loss. Like any other form of exercise, training on the Power Plate® raises your metabolism. As your muscles get stronger, they use fuel more efficiently; and as your blood circulation and lymph drainage improves, you’ll have more energy and shed toxins that can impede weight loss. These things encourage your body to burn fat and calories from food faster, resulting in an increased metabolic rate. As your metabolism increases, you’ll BURN MORE FAT, even when you’re not working out!

One of the downsides of getting older is many of us start to get a little thicker—usually around our middles. This type of fat tissue that develops in your abdomen, called visceral fat, is linked to metabolic syndrome and may increase insulin resistance. Here’s where the Power Plate® can work wonders. One study of Power Plate® users found they were able to lose TWICE as much belly flab within six months compared to people who did cardiovascular exercise combined with weight training.

What’s more, the Power Plate® users KEPT THE FAT OFF over the following 12 months, whereas the people who did vigorous exercise didn’t. Sounds good, right? There’s still more: two other studies showed that people who use Power Plate® INSTEAD OF performing long cardio workouts lost 25% and 32% more cellulite than the people doing the big workouts. That’s probably because cellulite is basically connective tissue, under the skin, trapping toxins and fluids. The vibration allows those toxins to RELEASE, and the increased circulation helps the body FLUSH them out.

Why is the Power Plate® so effective for weight loss? Gym style exercises revolve around the concept of using large muscle groups, which are effective for caloric burn, but tend to make the body hungry for the return of the body’s natural energy source: glucose (sugar!). By contrast, vibration training is focused on the use of the body’s fast twitch reflex muscle groups, which receive their energy from fat deposits rather than sugar. The result? QUICKER WEIGHT LOSS because the body does not feel hungry for sugar after a vibration training session.

Hormone Efficiency: Mental Clarity, Better Sleep, Anti-Aging

Using Power Plate® regularly stimulates production of helpful hormones, especially those rejuvenating hormones that tend to decrease with age:

  • Human Growth Hormone, which helps in the repair and regeneration of damaged muscles, bones and other tissues
  • Testosterone, which preserves muscle tissue and provides energy
  • Seratonin, responsible for feelings of happiness and well-being. (You’ll feel this in 5 minutes.)
  • Brain hormones that control memory and regulate sleep

Vibration plate training also reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, so you’ll have more energy to get back to the things you love!

YOU Can Get The Benefits of Vibration Technology in Your Own Home!

You can see why I FELL IN LOVE with this machine the more I used it in clinics all over the world. I was THRILLED to find Power Plate® has quality, medical-grade machines that can be purchased for HOME USE! I ordered the my7™, and I love it and highly recommend it for the most benefits for the best price. It only takes up the space of a CHAIR—it’s not like a treadmill that is a serious SPACE commitment.

Like other special tools I’ve found, I wanted to share the good news with my readers, and get them a GREAT DEAL with our negotiated SPECIAL PRICE and FREE GIFTS for GreenSmoothieGirl readers only! Not only is the special pricing better than you’ll find ANYWHERE ELSE, it’s so low we can’t advertise it online. Further, they have arranged a PAYMENT PLAN for GSG readers that they’ll tell you about if you ask.

There are other vibration platforms out there, because the science is so clear on what this can do for people. However, many companies sell inferior machines with cheap parts that wear out quickly and can’t qualify as a MEDICAL DEVICE. I’ve checked them out, and Power Plate® is the absolute best machine for a price you can get NOWHERE ELSE!

Call or Email for GSG Pricing
M-F 8am-5pm PST
Provide code: GreenSmoothieGirl

Get our special price and inquire about a payment plan if desired. As a GreenSmoothieGirl reader you qualify for:

  • SPECIAL PRICING on the my5™, my7™, or pro5™ machines, which INCLUDES an accessories package of:
    • Hand Straps to intensify upper body workouts
    • Mat Set to further customize the vibration intensity
    • DVD
    • Exercise Poster
    • Dust covers for the column and platform
  • FREE SHIPPING within 7-14 business days, including White Glove Delivery Service: they’ll set up the machine in your home and take away the packaging. This is up to a $475 value!
  • FREE GIFT: My favorite accessory, a SUPPORT CUSHION worth $200! I love this cushion! It lets you get an AMAZING massage by lying on it and just putting your feet on the vibrating plate. I pamper myself every day with it!
  • PAYMENT PLAN available for GSG Readers

Use code GreenSmoothieGirl for GSG pricing!

Which Power Plate® Model is Best for YOU?

Take your health and fitness to the next level! The my5™ and my7™ are home machines, and if you are a clinician, consider the pro5™ for home or office use.

Power Plate® my5™

This sleek personal machine features Advanced Vibration with three frequency options between 30 and 40Hz. The my5™ includes pre-programmed quick start buttons and a remote control operating all exercise positions. High max load makes it easy for anyone at any fitness level to hit their goals!

Power Plate My5FREE Accessories Package ($111 value)
FREE Shipping White Glove Delivery ($400 value)
FREE Support Cushion ($200 value)
Call or Email for GSG Pricing
M-F 8am-5pm PST
Provide code: GreenSmoothieGirl




Power Plate® my7™

This is the machine I own! The my7™ is the most advanced of the personal machines, and features an integrated touch screen computer complete with more than 250 customized programs and more than 1,000 exercise videos and coaching tips!

Power Plate My7FREE Accessories Package ($111 value)
FREE Shipping White Glove Delivery ($475 value)
FREE Support Cushion ($200 value)
Call or Email for GSG Pricing
M-F 8am-5pm PST
Provide code: GreenSmoothieGirl




Power Plate® pro5™

Proven effective in home health and commercial settings for wellness, fitness, beauty, active aging, sports performance, medicine, and rehabilitation. The pro5™ features a wide range of frequency and time settings and its large plate surface allows more exercise options with vibration to more parts of the body.

Power Plate Pro5FREE Accessories Package ($111 value)
FREE Shipping White Glove Delivery ($475 value)
FREE Support Cushion ($200 value)
Call or Email for GSG Pricing
M-F 8am-5pm PST
Provide code: GreenSmoothieGirl




Shipping Information:

  • Power Plate® systems or accessories cannot be shipped outside the Continental US or to PO boxes.
  • The following states require sales tax collection on all Power Plate® models: CA, AZ, IL.
  • The following states require sales tax collection on all Power Plate® models plus the value of the freight: TX, GA, FL.
  • Allow 10-14 working days for delivery.

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  1. Angelika says:

    I am very interested in the Power Plate but I have left 2 messages for the company to call me back and no one is returning my call. How can I find out about the prices for the different models? and how are you supposed to order if they don’t answer their phone or return calls ?
    thank you Angelika

    1. Hi Angelika, we are looking into this right now and will get back to you as soon as we have more information.

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  2. Candace says:

    Hi I’m interested in getting all the details -pricing, payment plan, return policy and help on which model best suits my needs. I’ve called the number repeatedly and sent an email. I’ve received no response. Please help me!! I’m worried that if I do order and have issues I wont get a response…

    1. Hi Candace, I’m sorry for the inconvenience. We are looking into this now and will let you know how to sort it out once we have more information. Thanks for being patient with us.

    2. Candace says:

      I’ve still not received a response regarding the power plate deal and it ends today… Oh well!! I found out the cost but not the whether you could get a better option with the payment plans. A machine costing that much should be able to be broken down into more than 4 pymts. I’m not saying it isn’t worth it but that’s more than my house pymt. Can it be broken down further?

  3. Cindy says:

    Interested in knowing about the different power plates and there cost.

    1. Nikki says:

      Hi Cindy! We can’t publish the special deal online publically, but you can call 1-888-420-5962 with code GreenSmoothieGirl and get all the information on the arrangements we’ve made for a great discount and free items. You can also ask all the questions you want about each type of PowerPlate model.

  4. Diane Grasha says:

    You do not include the My3 model in your recommendations. As the lowest price machine, is this model not sufficient to achieve the benefits you ascribe to vibrational technology?

    1. Robyn says:

      Hi Diane, ask them for a price on M3 and they WILL give you an equivalent discount. They just think people like the other ones best. And mine is the M7.

      1. catoblue says:

        Robyn & Jessica Murrugarra – Could you at least give us a ball-park figure for the cost of one of these machines? I mean, are we talking affordable for the ‘common’ person (maybe a couple hundred) or way out-of-budget for most of us (perhaps in the thousands)? It would help me know whether to even consider it and start putting away some savings. Please . . . .

        1. Hello catoblue, here is a link to the pricing for the my7 machine. From here, you can see the pricing for the other machines provided by Powerplate®. However, GSG has negotiated a special price, which ENDS TODAY, with Powerplate® and you must call the number provided on the Powerplate blog page to get this special offer.

  5. Peggy Frankewich says:

    I live in Israel , and I have questions about this power plate, what are the contraindications for this machine, who should not use it with what condition, and does this company sell in Europe and ship to Israel??

  6. Is there a place in Utah County where I could try out the Power Plate before making the investment? Also, where can I find the measurements for the machine? Thank you!!!

  7. Joanne says:

    FOR KRISTINE KEELE: It took me 8 phone calls around Davis Country– to Health & Fitness Centers– to find one—a vibration machine that I could try using before I spend so much money. I found one and I am going tomorrow to try it.

    Thanks, ROBYN, for your good research ! You recently made a negative comment about grapeseed and I am confused. I have taken it for years by capsule as an anti-oxidant for the heart and grapeseed oil Vegenaise as a Mayo substitute. Are these products bad? Please clarify. THANKS, JOANNE T.

    1. catoblue says:

      Joanne – Please let us know what you think after your experience trying out this machine.

  8. Lisa says:

    My Power Plate was delivered today. I was a bit discouraged and frustrated with the delivery. White glove delivery based on Robyn’s video explanation and the white glove delivery I received was quite the opposite. I received delivery by two guys who had never seen a Power Plate, they did not know how to assemble it or the accessories (my accessories did not get assembled by them) and they had NO idea how the Power Plate worked. It’s a bit frustrating having someone set up something that they know nothing about. Not the experience I had expected. Very grateful I didn’t pay for white glove delivery!

    1. Robyn says:

      Lisa, so sorry! My delivery guys were great! Sounds like your “free white glove” wasn’t awesome. 🙁 Passing this info along to PowerPlate, sorry to hear it!

  9. Jackie H says:

    I also want to thank Robyn for her research. I called Power Plate a couple of days before the GSG offer ended, but these machines were way out of the budget for this working girl. And, the Power Plate rep told me Roybn had the My5 machine, but she has the My7 model. The rep didn’t mention the accessories, so I asked about them. She mentioned some of them, but not all of them. And, she didn’t mention anything about financing. I called back during their business hours, but couldn’t reach anyone. I read in one of the comments here that they would break it down into four payments. On machines in this price range? And, the sales tax is high too due to the cost of the machine. Anyway, I would be interested if there were a machine that was affordable for the common folk. Unfortunately for me, these aren’t. I wouldn’t have to worry about my health… husband would kill me!!!!

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