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Portland, part 2 of 3

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Feb 08, 2011

I met Nita, whose blood sugar dropped 100 points a week after starting her 3-pint-a-day green smoothie habit in September. Her A1C test dropped 3 points, which is HUGE. She’d had bypass surgery, and thanks to 12 Steps habits, she got her energy back. She said the week she bought 12 Steps, she was looking at a program that cost twice as much, to guide her in choosing clothes, hairstyle and jewelry. She said to herself, deciding between the two: “Do I want to spend my money on getting well, or looking good on my deathbed?” Nita, if you’re reading this, you’re beautiful already.

I met Mary, who drove 3.5 hours from Seattle, wearing pink in the photo below with me and her friend. Starting green smoothies, she had no headaches getting off Diet Coke, her depression decreased, she lost 20 lbs., and she stopped retaining water.

I took tons of photos with young moms (see photo on yesterday’s blog entry, and they are popping up on facebook). I guess they got the message loud and clear that THEY ARE MY HEROES….especially when they buck popular trends to do right by their kids. They may feel powerless some days, but they actually wield tremendous power to turn the ship around before it wrecks.

(I am going to do some videos this week, with my 10-year old, showing you how I talk to him about nutrition and health. Stay tuned.)

One of favorite college roommates came to my Sandy class, where I was whisked away to make the drive to Corvallis without getting to chill with her. So she came to my hotel the morning I left (see photo below) with a lovely green smoothie breakfast sendoff. XOXO Paula, I heart you! And Debbie, the green smoothie you made me was HARD. CORE, woohoo!

Back from Portland now, where possibly because I’ve been speaking so much (10 classes in the past 2 weeks), my voice completely quit and I spoke in a squeak the last two classes. I want to move to Portland because you have it so good with health food and composting and organic everything, oh, and the BLUEBERRIES! (I’d miss sunshine, though.)

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2 thoughts on “Portland, part 2 of 3”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Robyn–Thanks for coming to Oregon. I was at your Sandy event, and didn’t have a chance to ask you some questions. Mainly, I was curious to find out what do you eat, when you eat animal products? Also, as a cheese substitute, I know you suggest staying away from soy. Have you tried any nut cheeses? I’m looking for something to throw on a pizza or bean dip…and cashews and nutritional yeast just don’t seem to cut it. I’d love your thoughts on cheese replacement. Thanks. you are very inspirational.

    1. Robyn Openshaw, MSW says:

      Jennifer, I have never seen a nut cheese I really love–the homemade ones I like better (cashews/nutritional yeast) but you just said you don’t like it!

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