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  1. yeah, #69 is just elegant and evokes nature and health somehow, while the others are all just cutesy. why are they hugging ginormous glasses?

    I do have to say though, and I put this on the poll, that I think the silhouette’s arms are a little weirdly pointy and skinny. It was noticeable to me and drew my eye right away. seems like it would be an easy fix though…

  2. I also like the universality of #69, that we can all be a green smoothie guy or girl. Something with a silhouette like that is inviting and empowering. Thank you for being a clear voice of wisdom in an ever confusing world!

  3. I think #69 is the most elegant one & can convey your message without being juvenile or silly looking. This one can stand the test of time. I wish there were more entries.

  4. What if you put a greensmootie guy &/or family opposite from you, maybe on a logo like #69? You offering a green smoothie to all the people and families around the world.

  5. All of the logos look like they are about advertising you, but you don’t ever seem like you are promoting yourself rather you are inviting, leading and teaching all who desire to know how they can enjoy a healthy, happy life. It seems like a logo that represents what you are teaching about and that all people (men, women & children) wouldn’t mind being seen with would be good in the decades to come as this grows into an even larger worldwide business. Thanks.

  6. My choice is currently third : ( But almost all of them are an improvement over the initial offering a few weeks back. Glad to see the one I REALLY don’t like is fourth. Voting is easy – go do it if you haven’t already!

    1. mgm, and Lisa, whatever was first or last place keeps changing…..I agreed with your comments, mgm, they’re always so spot-on in general.

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