Please give your opinion on a proposed GreenSmoothieGirl logo!

A heartfelt thank-you to those of you who have been here for 3.5 years giving us your wisdom, your feedback, and your experience. Thanks to those of you who are new! And thanks to those of you who send your friends to because you trust the message and the support you get here.

Will you please weigh in on this logo design? If you like it, why? If you hate it, why?

We’re branding. Redesigning the entire website “look and feel,” as well as lots of collateral, like fliers and video intro/outtro, etc.

I wanted an “avatar” (the GSG you see pictured here) that is iconic and recognizable as we grow.

Growth is all about getting more and more people involved in our grassroots movement back to….well, grass.

Thank you for your support and your feedback!


202 thoughts on “Please give your opinion on a proposed GreenSmoothieGirl logo!

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  1. I like your current heading look. No need to go all trendy girl-marketing look. How about a photo of some rainbow chard with a glass of green smoothie in front of it…oh, right, that’s what you already have;-)

  2. I love everything about it except for just one thing. That blob of pink just the the right of the glass is out of proportion and needs to be divided up into two or three smaller swirls which fade to a lighter shade of pink (like the swirls below it do). Then as you’re shrinking the swirls carved from the pink blob, make them graduating smaller as they get closer to the already existing smallest swirl that currently exists just above the blob.

  3. In reading these comments I must be in the minority, as a man. 🙂

    I agree with many of the comments here identifying the logo and colors as very “female” in the marketing sense. It is a good idea to appeal to as wide of an audience as possible. I am not suggesting eliminating the word “girl” from your site/logo. The colors and female body depiction just take it a bit too far.

    The goal is to cast as wide of a net as possible, so to speak. Building a site and design around the female body form and pink colors will likely turn away a lot of readers (men) before actually reading the content.

    I really like the current picture of greens/vegetables as a main design element on your page. It is gender neutral and inviting. Is there a way to depict that message/image in your new logo?

  4. It really doesn’t saw “green smoothie girl” to me. It reminds me of a tampon logo or some other feminine hygene product. Sorry- but I would say no.

  5. Please leave photos of the beautiful, colorful fruits and veggies!

    Our Creator designed them as they are with all of the beautiful color

    to attract our eye to them. Processed foods can only imitate these colors

    in their packaging.

  6. Gotta be honest. Don’t love it. My husband is a graphic designer and it looks like something he would shake his head at.

  7. If it still counts the overwhelming responcnes are from girls. Girls are great no problem there, but is there away to extend the message that Green smoothie are for guys to?

    I know, its probable just my weird male persective. 🙂

  8. I don’t like the pink (and I like pink.) I love all the fruits and veggies on your web page…maybe do a caricature of you surrounded by all those fruits and veggies. Keep up the good work!

  9. Love the logo, its green and pink, showing clean health and female power. yep folks say its sexy, but what the hey we are female and we are sexy regardless of size, age or condition. Love it. Moms rule the world.

  10. I like the logo. I am new to your blog but have been a health nut for a good many years. I am also an artist by trade…. not sure if that is good or bad but I think the logo embodies the same message as the text. it is clean, modern, fun, girl-y, and green. It has energy and spunk — the same as you in the videos. Often, we focus on elements of design when we are asked for an opinion. But in much the same way that Cindy Crawford’s beauty mark might be looked at as ‘unfortunate’ by some, it is part of her beauty…. What I am trying to say is that we should look at the vibe not the elements of this design. I think it is a keeper. Congrats!

  11. P.S. I noticed in the above comments that someone has mentioned that they do design for “dirt cheap.” Please, everyone, remember that you get what you pay for! Andy any graphic designer who is working for dirt cheap is bringing down our whole industry as is anyone entering contests or doing spec work.

  12. I am a graphic designer and own my own firm, and I don’t think this logo is appropriate for your business. I think it looks amateurish and “cheesy.” It makes me think of teenage pop stars, not healthy foods and living. I think the pink is completely off the mark, and the shading in the letters communicates “cheap” and “artificial” to me. In addition, any good logo should be just as effective in black and white as color, and I don’t think this logo would translate well.

  13. Yes! Austin Powers–that’s what I was thinking when I saw it, but couldn’t quite nail it until Ruth (above) mentioned it. Haven’t watched the movie, but know it well enough to think I don’t want to watch it–and the logo reminds me of it.

    I love everything you are and represent. You’ll find it. Thank you for your help.

  14. This logo emphasizes “girl” more than “green” or “smoothie”- which I think are more important concepts to communicate. Obviously you are a girl and that’s wonderful…but I think less emphasis on that point would make your brand appeal to a broader audience. And I absolutely agree that simple is best. Your logo doesn’t have to say it all – it should invite your audience in to want to learn more.

    Enjoy the branding process – this can be a wonderful time of refocusing on your true passions and vision!

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