Pick a cover for my new book!

Cover #2
Cover #2
Cover #1
Cover #1

How do you like them? Two designers submitted concepts here. I’m conflicted, since I like some things about each! Shana in NYC is the designer of the retro illustrations covers (she’s the artist who did our original GSG branding). Amber in Utah did the second cover that features the GSG avatar sitting on fruits and veggies.

Please Vote for Cover #1 or Cover #2! (Shana has done BOTH book covers for my two new books releasing Jan. 1.)

Remember you can get tickets HERE for my 2014 speaking tour–where everyone who attends gets their choice of one of these $19.95 books.




Shanna’s cover for my second book.










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  1. I can associate myself with pictures on cover 1. And it gives you a better inside of what’s in the book (I hope). In the bookstore I would pick a book with #1 cover.

  2. I like the look of #2 though it does look more common. #1 looks like a brochure or more like a “cheap” book. I would feel more confident that I was getting a good book with book #2. I do like that #1 matches How to Raise Healthy Eaters, like they are a set.

  3. Initially cover 2 caught my eye because of the color, but after checking out cover 1, it seemed to hit me as more realistic!

  4. I vote for #2 also. The other one is good, but only on closer inspection. The eye is automatically drawn to the brighter, cleaner cover. I do like the concept of the other, but I asked myself, “If these books were on a table at Costco or Barnes and Noble which one would catch my eye and encourage me to take a closer look?” The answer is #2. The other would easily blend into the shuffle of similarly styled books and I wouldn’t even notice it in passing.

  5. I like #1. Cover 2 with the produce looks too much like other books I’ve seen. (Been there, seen that.) #1 caught my eye more and made me want to pick it up. The title of #1 is also easier to read.

  6. I like #1 better. My eyes are naturally drawn to that one more, and the second one looks a lot like other book covers I’ve seen, where the first one looks more unique. If I were strolling past a book section, #1 would most definitely draw my eye more!

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