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Patty from Puyallup gets Creative on a Cruise!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jun 14, 2012

You know I love creative ideas that help us eat right, even in social settings and on vacation. Gotta share this, sent by Patty in Puyallup, WA!

Once two women came up to me at the carwash and told me that one of them had more money, and the other had more time. So the one with $$ paid for the ingredients, and the one with time made the smoothies. A match made in heaven!

Other readers start green smoothie clubs, or salad clubs, at work—and everybody gets healthier for very little financial or time investment. Everyone brings an ingredient, or everyone takes a day blending, and the whole office benefits. And there’s just one BlendTec or Vitamix to buy.

Well, Patty went on a cruise to Bermuda, reluctantly leaving her blender behind. She told the kitchen staff she wanted a green smoothie and was delighted when the dining room staff accommodated her. There was a little learning curve, Patty reports, but after a couple tries they got the hang of it. The drink server even became a convert and starting making himself green smoothies daily!

Even on vacation, we can enjoy health and energy. Then we enjoy our vacation instead of slipping into a junk-food coma.

Here’s a photo of Patty enjoying her greens, on board the Blu dining room on Celebrity’s ship the Summit. As she puts it, “The word continues to spread!”

Photo of Patty

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13 thoughts on “Patty from Puyallup gets Creative on a Cruise!”

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  1. Last time we went on vacation I wanted to bring my blender with us…we even had a hotel room with a kitchen…a FULL kitchen! But my husband thought it would be too “loud” so he wouldn’t let me. =-( I need to show him this…I’m not the only one who LOVES green smoothies!

  2. Hi this is great! I’m in Australia too. I went to Bali last year and after buying mystery greens and a bit of drama with a durian I got to make a green smoothie with hotel staff in Semenyak. Not sure I made any converts- the blender was pretty old and used for soft fruit water ice smoothies. I think some people might be reluctant trying to get people to do different things than they are used to but I’ve discovered they are more than willing and interested. I wrote about green smoothies in Bali here…and durian!


  3. Anonymous says:

    I began the green smoothie way of life in February and had a vacation scheduled to Florida that same month. I DID take my Vita Mix blender with me, as we were staying in a condo, and was so glad I did! The cruise was a little more challenging, but the dining room staff were soooo accommodating and I was so glad to spread the green smoothie message as well! No turning back for me!

  4. I’m going on a cruise in August and was wondering how I was going to get my green smoothie! Thanks Patty!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love this too! You just have to ask when you’re out and about. It’s your body, your money you’re spending, and you never know who will become intrigued. And Jolene: your blender isn’t loud enough to bother anyone. I used to take my Vitamix to hotels, and never had a comlaint. (I now have a Blendtec, and I swear it’s 1 decibel quieter ; ) My imagination, maybe.) I use also used my Vitamix in our R.V. in very nice R.V. Parks and worried neighbors would object. My husband listened outside, all around the trailer and said it wasn’t loud enough to bother anyone. If anyone complains, hand them a Green Smoothie! Hey, it’s your llife! Go for it!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m so glad you posted this Robyn! I want to go on a cruise and now I know I can ask the staff to make green smoothies for me! Yay for Patty sending this to you!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ha! Perfect timing- going on a disney cruise this weekend & they said i can’t bring my vitamix. I asked if the travel agent if they could make my kids & i green smoothies & she was unsure. But now I’ll be bolder in my request- ‘If Celebrity cruise can do it….?’ 😉

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sooo glad I read this post!

  9. I have been able to get green smoothies on every cruise we take over the past six years. I simply make arrangements with the Matre’d the evening before to have a large bowl of greens (spinach, kale, collards etc) available the next morning for breakfast. I get plenty of fresh fruit from the fruit bar and take it all to the bartender. Yes, the bartender. They are always open in the mornings for people who like smoothies, I just have him add the greens too. He looks at me strangely but follows my instruction to put all in his Vitamix (yes, the cruise lines all use Vitamix at their bars for frozen beverages) with some ice and I have breakfast… while the bartender is still shaking his head and washing out his blender for the next batch of bloody mary’s or whaterver. Sometimes, if I have had him add some fresh berries, people have asked me where I got my smoothie and I share. ;0)

  10. Not only do I fly with my BlendTec (on my most recent trip, security KNEW it was a BlendTec and that the blade didn’t detach!!) but recently we went on a trip to Mexico where I would have no access to blend. So instead…..I made up my green smoothies ahead of time, froze them, and put them in my checked luggage. FIVE days worth!

    My husband thought I was nuts (and I must admit I was a little nervous going through customs) but I drank them every day and felt incredible on vacation!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am a cruiser too. I’ve never thought of asking the bartenders to make them. That is a brilliant idea. Just load up at the buffet, walk it over to the nearest bar. Great idea, Kristen!

  12. Anonymous says:

    My husband purchased a travel sized blender that we take on vacations. On cruises, we head to the buffet in the evening, load up a big plate with greens and fruit, take it back to our cabin and put it in our fridge. Then, in the morning, my husband makes us green smoothies before we even leave the cabin! With green smoothies every morning for breakfast on a 17 day cruise, I LOST ten pounds!

  13. Jennifer says:

    My husband and I will be sailing on that exact ship/itinerary next week and we love our green smoothies at home, so this is wonderful to hear that we should be able to request them in Blu! Now I’m even more excited for our cruise!

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