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Our Annual Infrared Sauna Group Buy Kicks Off Today!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Nov 24, 2015

My favorite Christmas gift EVER was the silver trumpet I got in 7th grade. A major splurge for my parents, as I was the oldest of 8 children. Knowing how expensive it was, it brought tears to my eyes. I earned First Chair in the school band, ahead of 8 boys, with that beautiful instrument.

But nope, this was better. Even though I had to BUY IT FOR MYSELF.

Today kicks off our 6th annual GreenSmoothieGirl Infrared Sauna Group Buy! If you’re lucky, Santa will bring you one. Help Santa out by telling him why THIS is the time to get it. You’ve got until Dec. 15!

It’s the most sought-after infrared sauna in the world. In fact, Health Mate manufactures for most of the other sauna companies, globally! So this is as “direct-to-the-factory” as you can get in our wholesale-price Annual GSG Infrared Sauna Group Guy.

Here’s where you can see my short VIDEO showing off my own sauna and telling you what I dig about it. And if you’re geeky, learn MORE in the webinar I did all about why infrared healing rays are the BEST detoxification you can possibly achieve in your own home. Not to mention my #1 favorite stress reliever.

My infrared sauna has truly changed my life. My body sweats 3x as much as before, which is very key to being able to constantly eliminate the chemicals we’re bombarded with daily. I get PASSIVE CARDIO EXERCISE, since my heart rate goes up from 50 to 90 just sitting there reading a book for half an hour! This is great for when the day got away from me and I didn’t get out for a run.

Plus my skin gets pretty and pink, healing is accelerated, immune cells are activated, and multiple detoxification systems are assisted: skin, lymph, cardiovascular, liver and kidneys. Read the report I wrote on the PROVEN benefits of infrared and how many docs endorse them and put them in their offices for patient use. Many spas charge you $30 to $50 for a 30-minute session in theirs!

The infrared rays penetrate up to 2” to 3” below the skin, which no old-school sauna can do. Plus, you’re far more comfortable. I use my skin brush at the beginning of my session, stretch out on a towel, listen to the CD player / radio that comes in the sauna, and read a book. My sauna CALMS me like nothing else can—perfect at the end of the day, and especially perfect in the winter.

I have literally NEVER had anyone tell me anything but RAVE REVIEWS after thousands have purchased in our group buy in the past 5 years. I can’t say that about many companies.

We can’t openly publish these group buy wholesale prices online. You’re saving 40% plus the FREE shipping and TWO free accessories. So ASK for pricing HERE.

Here’s more information Health Mate provided to me:

For over 35 years, Health Mate has made its name in the infrared sauna industry. In 1979, Health Mate introduced the first far infrared sauna to the United States. Now, Health Mate manufactures and distributes more infrared saunas than anyone else in the world.

You can always count on Health Mate Saunas because they are:

  1. Made with the highest quality “Certified Green” Canadian Western Red Cedar.
  2. Safety certified (CE, CSA US & Canada, TUV, Nemko, ISO 9001)
  3. Health Mate’s Tecoloy® heater is the only UL-recognized heater used in any infrared sauna.
  4. The Health Mate Sauna is also Low EMF as we always keep your health in mind.
  5. 100% fully backed warranty with $2 million in liability insurance.
  6. Handcrafted with the highest standards of quality control.
  7. 100% fully supported by dedicated staff.

There are other saunas on the market, but Health Mate offers innovative products with superior craftsmanship at an amazing price with free shipping and some special freebies you can choose ONLY in the annual GSG group buy. Keep in mind when purchasing a sauna that there are three things that you will not want to overlook—One being the heating element; two, the warranty and company that backs up that warranty; and three, the craftsmanship.


We can’t openly publish these wholesale prices online. You’re saving 40% plus the FREE shipping and TWO free accessories.

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2 thoughts on “Our Annual Infrared Sauna Group Buy Kicks Off Today!”

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  1. Dave Meeks says:

    Are we talking thousands of dollars here?

  2. Claudia says:

    I am a single mom, recently in April developed lipoma ,a fat build up n immediately changed my eattin habits and drinks ,cut out process foods and wheat,flour and sugar and hit gym. Lost 40 lbs n plan on losing another 40 lbs .this infrared sauna would benefit me greatly!

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