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on dehydrators, from an eater of Cheetos and Sweetarts

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jun 19, 2008

My good friend Michelle loves the Atkins Diet (has adopted it as an apparently permanent lifestyle, in fact).   She in no way embraces (or even acknowledges the benefits of) my lifestyle.   But I did convince her that she needs a dehydrator so she can soak/germinate her raw almonds that she just got in my local group buy.   I thought you’d be entertained and hopefully educated by this email from her today (especially if you want a dehydrator–alert: needed for upcoming step in 12 Steps!):

 “You know how I’m a compulsive over-researcher when it comes to buying toys? Well I realized that I wanted a dehydrator and wondered which one I should get. After quite a bit of looking, I decided that IF I believed that there were health benefits to eating raw foods, I would definitely want this one:


because it has a special 60x/second thermometer which makes sure the temp throughout the entire machine stays exactly where it is set. For people who want to keep the nutrients in their raw/sprouted foods, that’s really important.  By way of contrast, this machine


was widely reported to have a thermometer which was off by up to 25 degrees, and Excalibur brand machines (like this one:  http://www.spoilthecook.com/bosch/Excalibur-Food-Dehydrator-Model-2500.html)  had “hot spots” and “cold spots” so the temp at the thermometer was even, but different trays could have very different temps. (Goodbye raw; hello cooked!)   Of course all the “cheapie” models (like at Walmart.com, here:


had the same or even more serious problems in the reviews,   like catching on fire, or motors that broke quickly, or fans that didn’t work, or no fans, or no thermostat at all . . .  So, why am I telling you all this? As an FYI to your readers, the Bosch

Kitchen Center in Orem just put the L’Equip dehydrator on sale today for $99. That’s a great deal, and I think they only had 5 or 6 in stock, so I don’t expect them to last very long. The best price I found on the internet was $139, and most places had it at $159.  

So anyone who 1) cares about preserving the nutrition in raw foods and 2) wants a good price on what is, IMO, the best dehydrator on the market . . . there it is.


Of course, I’m not necessarily ready to concede that there’s any benefit to eating raw/sprouted foods. I ate Cheetos and Sweet Tarts for lunch, and I’m not yet dead . . . “



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3 thoughts on “on dehydrators, from an eater of Cheetos and Sweetarts”

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  1. Sounds like you have a funny friend. Tell her thanks for the dehydrator comparisons! Very interesting!

  2. http:// says:

    She is a riot. She regularly nags me to join the ATKINS REVOLUTION (are you laughing??) so we tease each other, as you can tell. Once she said that she would read The China Study if I would read The Atkins Revolution, but that didn’t work out since I’ve already read (and rejected) it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So, Robyn, do you agree with her comparison info. and what dehydrator do you use?

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