Nutrition activity for kids

Need a nutrition activity for  kids?    Have them watch  my new  three-minute  green smoothie  demo on YouTube.   If you like it, give me five stars so I can bump out all those weird and totally inferior green smoothie demos.   🙂

I wonder how fast YOU could do it if you weren’t talking the whole time like I was.   Set your kids loose in the kitchen with your BlendTec (see for the actual recipe allowing for lots of variety,  7 reasons why BlendTec is the best blender, and a deal with freebies on that blender if you don’t have one).   Tell  the kids  you’ll—I  dunno, give them a sticker on their forehead or something—for making a green smoothie and drinking it.   They will  drink it, I swear.   Extra agave/honey/stevia and extra berries is the key to converting them in the beginning.

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