My new favorite thing! GIVEAWAY TODAY!

ecojarzIf you drink green smoothies, you’re green, by definition, right? We are people who try to live low on the food chain, lightly on the Earth.

So, you’re gonna love this. I don’t make a dime from it–I just felt you had to know about it.

You know I often drink mine out of glass jars, right? My life just changed for the better! Now I don’t have to take the goopy green lid off and set it on the leather seat in my car, or find a place for it at a tennis match. And get green goo everywhere, when I put the lid back on. Nor do I have to send plastic straws to the landfill!

Enter EcoJarz to the rescue! Check out all these products on You can put the lid on your glass canning jar–pint or quart, regular or wide-mouth–and you even have reusable stainless steel straws, and straw cleaners! They work perfectly. You can even re-use glass spaghetti jars or applesauce jars using these lids.

ecojarz2The first 10 GSG readers to write us (U.S. addresses only) get a FREE gift from EcoJarz with some of their awesome products for green smoothie lovers! You’ll get a jar mug, a stainless steel EcoJarz lid, a jar ring, and a smoothie straw and cleaner! You’re recycling, and you’re drinking green smoothies toxin-free!

We’ll announce the winners soon. Tell your friends about EcoJarz online, and share their link on facebook. Let’s support anyone making life greener!


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  1. Just started Green Smoothie 12step. They look awesome, would love one. Robyn, I was in your GSG class in Dallas. Can not wait to see you again. Thanks

  2. Bummer, just got this contest in my newsfeed…a little late. I would love to have a jar, lid and straw like this. I have actually looked into buying metal straws…awesome to know that a company makes a lid, too. I will have to look into it.

  3. So excited to see yet another company making green smoothie drinking easy! These types of lids make my ballet dancer daughter’s life so much easier! I can make her a smoothie, put the metal sealing lid on underneath the “sippy” lid and she can then throw it in her dance bag to drink during her break. You would not believe the how much the dancers all want to try her smoothies! 🙂

  4. Great idea!!! Do we write via email or postal service? Love this idea!!!! Cant wait for May 1 and my7 second detox.

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