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Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: Can you tell me more about organizing a high-nutrition co-op?

Answers: I will work on this content, so watch this site for that in the future, good ideas.   I blogged earlier this week on that topic, but will try to write an entire report on how to organize a co-op, step by step. Then I will share that info on the site and in the GSG free newsletter.   Those of you with ideas, who have started your own co-op, please post your thoughts and tips here or email me.

I get asked constantly what my family eats.   At first it seemed pointless to tell what we eat, since you will find your own repertoire of dishes/ingredients/favorites.   But I have come to realize that people want a SYSTEM as much as possible, even if you will eventually deviate from it.   I did post several days of exactly what we ate, a year or so ago, but this is a good idea–I will work on it.

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  1. Thanks for adding to your information about a organizing a co-op. I am working on one myself and would love some more input on how to make it all come together.

    So far, I have started a blog and opened a yahoo group for my specific area. I have also posted on two of my local homeschool yahoo groups about what I am doing and have gotten about 17 interested people respond to me. Now, I need to expand a little so I am thinking of posting on craigslist as well.

    My issue is what to do once I have all these people counting on me to get this organized and pulled off! 🙂



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