My very favorite supplement, a game changer!

I’m a supplement snob. Because most supplements out there are made from materials the body can’t process. (Like chalk! rocks! metals!, Or highly processed ingredients. Or isolated nutrients that aren’t helpful when they’ve lost the synergistic properties of the whole plant.)

When I did some lab testing 5 years ago, I was deficient in several minerals and trace minerals, I was astonished. I took supplements, and of course I drank tons of green smoothies. Aren’t greens full of minerals? What more could I do, diet-wise?

I learned that pesticides have heavily depleted humic and fulvic acids in the soil, which is where the plants get THEIR minerals. I learned that the vast majority of mineral supplements are made from rocks. (Which aren’t bioavailable to the human body.)

ultimate-minerals-720x720I then went on a hunt to FIND a plant-based, organic, non-diluted source of humic and fulvic acids.

Because I’d learned that fulvic acid is the richest and most bioavailable form of minerals, anywhere. And I wanted humic acid, too. Between them, they do far more than provide every mineral and trace mineral. They also increase cell permeability. This lets nutrition enter the cell and be utilized better, and it helps the cell push toxins out more effectively, too.

I finally located an organic, American, plant-based source of fulvic AND humic acids. The black, probiotic-rich stuff that USED to be in our soils. I wanted it highly concentrated—not heavily diluted with water

When I started using this product, my hair and nails started growing faster, thicker, longer. I’d had dark circles under my eyes, and they went away. Most significantly, my lifelong insomnia disappeared and, in 4 years now, that has never returned. I fall asleep in minutes rather than hours now.

These amazing benefits are just my own body’s reaction to having a balanced state of highly absorbable nutrients. Of course you will have your own specific response and my own story is not meant to be predictive for anyone else. As with any new protocol, please seek the advice of a competent health care provider.

The body needs trace minerals for everything it does. The neurological system needs minerals to shut down at night, and to wake up in the morning. So, don’t put your Ultimate Minerals in your green smoothie. It’s perfect, as recommended, in water right before bed and first thing in the morning—when your mineral reserves are most depleted, and your neurological system most in need of food!

I hope you stock up on my very favorite thing, the highly concentrated GreenSmoothieGirl Ultimate Minerals, your fulvic/humic acid compound, a plant-based way to supplement your whole-foods diet.

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  1. where can I get the % daily value? I know with the FDA regulations they have made it difficult, for example for herbs companies they can not give you any information.

  2. Hi,
    I’m VERY interested in purchasing Ultimate Minerals, but I have a few amalgam fillings and I read on the description that UM chelates/removes heavy metals. I’m concerned about that now….. is this best to be avoided by anyone that has amalgams?
    Also, is this something my husband/men can safely take daily? I’m always reading that men should avoid iron in their supplements, but doesn’t just about everyone need trace minerals?

    Thank you,
    Lyn. R

    1. Hi Lyn, this is Jess, blog manager at GSG. Thanks for your questions concerning Ultimate Minerals. I have sent your questions to Kami our customer support rep. She will reply to you via email very soon. Thanks for following the GSG and stay tuned for more information.

  3. I was wondering if you use both the minerals and sole water every morning or are they both providing minerals so one or the other is fine?

    Thank you

  4. My cousin in Austin, TX is new to this. I urged her to go and she got some of the minerals. Then when she read up on them, she said that it is saying that if you mix them with tap water or any water with chlorine in it, the mix becomes cancerous. I can’t find where she read this. Is this something we need to be careful of. Cancer runs in our family and this had her going “yikes”. I get my water from a filtered water bottle filler here at work. I hope it is filtering out all the chlorine, if this is so. Could you please elaborate on this information? I would like to give her some feedback that will give her peace about it.

    1. Cancerous? You mean carcinogenic? Well, tap water by itself (chlorine, fluoride, dozens of toxic chemicals) is carcinogenic, in a way, but you should always drink clean water rather than tap water anyway, and so, best if you put Ultimate Minerals in filtered water.

  5. Hi, Love the minerals! But, should I take them while I’m pregnant? Has there been any research done specifically on the effects of using the minerals along with a prenatal?

  6. What is the % of DV (daily value) for each of the vitamins in 25 drops of the Ultimate Minerals. And are there DV for trace minerals?

  7. Because this increases cell permeability it can have an indirect effect on how much of the prescription your body actually receives.

  8. Question – will it deplete the effectiveness of an anti-depressant I am taking? I thought I saw someone mention this but wanted to be sure

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