My interview in Coco Eco Magazine

I was recently interviewed for an article for the magazine Coco Eco, whose “Cancer Edition” hit virtual newsstands last week.

Read p. 116, The Diet Dilemma: Can What We Eat Really Prevent Cancer? Regarding the comments of nutrition and natural medicine practitioner Anne Duney, PhD; Ayurvedic doctor Pratima Raichur; and myself (GSG), journalist Leilah Mundt says,

“As different[ly] as these three health gurus approach diet, it is astonishing how similar their recommendations for a cancer free life are. In my conversations with all of them, the reoccurring themes were undeniably obvious:

1)           Lessen your toxic burden by steering clear of all packaged, processed and refined foods which contain harmul chemicals and preservatives,

2)           Help your amazing body heal itself through eating mostly whole, fresh plant foods as close to their natural state as possible, and

3)           Seriously limit your intake of cancer causing foods, including red meat, fried foods, and refined sugars.”

She ends her article with a green smoothie recipe. This makes me happy.

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