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My daughter Libby writes this essay

Robyn Openshaw, MSW - Oct 08, 2014 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

LIbby 2

Libby Pay

What makes entrepreneurs tick?

 By Libby Pay (my youngest daughter)

I think that for an entrepreneur to be successful they have to be in it for success and not for money. My mom is an entrepreneur; she started her own business and what drives her is the desire to be successful in everything she does.

She didn’t start her business because she wanted to get a bunch of money out of it. She didn’t need the money because my parents were married when she started it, and my father is an engineer; we had plenty of money.

She wanted to help people. She runs a health food site and travels around the world teaching people how to feed their families well. She sells many health products and books. She has always been driven by the desire to help people and to be successful.

Entrepreneurs have to be passionate about their business and not about the money. Entrepreneurs have to love their job or they will fail. If an entrepreneur hates their job and can’t handle the stress of running a business then they will fail.

They have to have the ability to stand up and brush the dust off of their shoulders and keep trying, and keep working when someone tells them that their ideas are stupid, or that they can’t do it. Being an entrepreneur is hard, hard work and it will take up time and effort and if they are willing to put everything into their business and never give up then they will succeed.

Not everyone is meant to run a business. Some people just don’t have the dedication and work ethic to maintain a business, and that is why they can thrive where others have failed, because they are willing to keep trying until they have succeeded. To be successful in the business world, one must be willing to work hard, and never give up, but they also have to want success for the right reasons.

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