6 Amazing, Useful Ideas Your Mother (or Yourself) Is Sure to LOVE!

This year, give your mother something special. Something she’ll use. And that will make a true difference in her life. Or maybe you decide one of these gifts is right for you.

1 | Harmoni Pendant —
Restore Balance and Harmony

Beautiful, wearable stress and EMF protection. This is my favorite thing to gift these days. You’ll notice in all my Facebook Lives, I never take it off.

Your mom will love wearing the Harmoni pendant. It’s beautiful, but more importantly, she’ll feel more grounded and peaceful — so needed in these crazy times! 

This pendant actually works. It’s proven by multiple studies. Including a clinical trial that found some seriously impressive results: reducing signs of stress by 700%, increasing energy by 530%, and improving overall markers of health by 138%. It’s designed using an understanding of the energetic field to take chaotic EMFs and other forms of stress and convert them into harmonious energy. 

Enjoy an exclusive discount of up to 50% off, with more savings when you purchase multiple pendants (for yourself and other family members). Notice when you see my hubby John in a photo, he always has his on, too! He really notices the difference.


2 | Pique Teas — Mother’s Day Collection

Delight your mom with clean, delicious, gold-winning teas she can take anywhere she goes. An exclusive discount of 5% off, plus a free, exclusive, elegant recipe book + high-quality card + a $5 donation to “Every Mother Counts” when you spend $100. 

The best thing about Pique Teas? It’s hard to say, because first of all, they’re so easy. The “tea crystals” dissolve in cold or hot water — no brewing required. Lindsay, on my team, told me she adores them. I love them too! And then, they’re totally pure. Triple-screened for heavy metals, toxins, and mold. And they’re absolutely delicious!

Your mom may love the Hibiscus Beauty Elixir. It supports collagen and healthy aging. Or, the Sun Goddess Matcha. For an energizing alternative to coffee. So many good options!


3 | Annmarie Skin Care —
Facial Care for “Good Skin Days”

Pamper your mom with all-natural, luxury skin care. For a surprisingly affordable price. 

Annmarie Skin Care has been an essential part of my skin care routine for several years since I discovered them. I absolutely adore every product I’ve tried. Skin care is now really important to me, even though I confess I’ve washed my face with soap my entire life.

Why am I changing my ways? First of all, now I live in Florida and I’m in the sun year-round. Second, I’m on camera a lot. Third, I married a man who is 13.5 years younger than me (but looks 25, he looks much younger than 40). I suddenly care more than I ever did, about aging well, and keeping my skin healthy!

Your mom will love it, too. They don’t “greenwash,” by putting a pinch of great ingredients in a base of cheap garbage. 100% of the ingredients are the “good stuff!”

I asked Annmarie’s founders what they could offer to my community for a Mother’s Day gift. And, they returned with an exciting, exclusive deal. Help your mom enjoy “good skin days” again, with their Renew and Radiate products — 2 for the price of one. A gentle cream cleanser, made with organic aloe vera, to hydrate and refresh skin daily. And, a facial oil made with 14 plant botanicals for dewy, beautiful skin. Your mom will feel amazing, and that’s a great gift to give!

2 full-sized products for the price of one — for only $32 (normally $55)! And free shipping.


4 | Hamama Microgreen Growing Kit

Give your mom a fun and super easy way to grow her own greens. I’m buying this for myself for Mother’s Day! This is such a fabulous gift for a green-smoothie mama — and there are more and more of us health nuts out there! This is perfect for a newbie too, though. And great for your preparedness and self-sufficiency.

It’s a growing kit, plus 3 different seeds. For less than $100. 

Microgreens are tiny powerhouses of nutrition. With a ceramic starter kit from Hamama, your mom will have an easy way to eat more greens. Even if she has a black thumb! 

All she needs to do is add water. The kit works in low light, too. All the seeds are non-GMO, with many of them organic. Options include Energizing Kale, Hearty Broccoli, Super Salad Mix, and more. Microgreens go great in green smoothies. Also in salads, on top of soups, and on top of anything really!

10% off with code: SUPERGREENS


5 | GreenSmoothieGirl
Smoothie Success Kit

Kickstart or simplify your mom’s green-smoothie routine.

Our Smoothie Success Pack is 25% off. And, it makes adding superfoods so simple. 

Your mom can enjoy delicious, healthy, filling smoothies with ease. With high-quality protein powder and healthy fats plus superfoods, your mom is sure to create smoothies she’ll love. Choose from our Grass-Fed Bone Broth, our Superfood Plant Protein Meal, or Plant Protein. And then, our Sprouted products have essential healthy fats that are needed every day. For immunity. Brain health. And more.

And, if your mom doesn’t have a blender, check out our deal below. Give your mom the ultimate green smoothie kick-start.


6 | Blendtec Turbo Blenders

Equip your mom with the absolute best blender, for game-changing green smoothies and so much more. Choose from a variety of Blendtec options for 20% off with code: GSG20.

A turbo blender is going to change her life! I use mine five times a day, for kefir shakes, salad dressings, puddings, sauces, soups, pancake batter, fresh raw applesauce, and dozens of other things. Why Blendtec blenders? Because they just go, go, go. (My Vitamix needed to be serviced many times. Now I use Blendtec only.) 

The Blendtec Classic is a step up from entry-level blenders. With commercial-grade power and pre-programmed cycles, the options are endless, and easy. The Professional Series has a sleek design and 6 pre-programmed cycles. And, the Blendtec Designer has a cleaner look and 25 pre-programmed cycles. Choose which one will serve your mom best. Grab a GreenSmoothieGirl Smoothie Success Pack to go along with her new blender, for filling, delicious smoothies.

20% off with code: GSG20

Code excludes the Professional 800 and Designer 650 in Stainless Pink