Robyns stress less gift ideas for your mom

Being a Mom Is Often Synonymous with Stress. But, It Shouldn’t Have to Be! 

Help your mom enjoy less stress and more ease with these nourishing gift ideas — she certainly deserves it. 

You might want to choose 2-3 items from this list and create a true Stress-Less Experience for the mom in your life who’s always there when you need it.

1 | Harmoni Pendant — My #1 Recommendation — Up to 66% Off

Help Your Mom Enjoy More Calm, Beautifully

If your mom doesn't have one of these, it really is a must, in my book.

What if your mom had more balance and harmony in her life? Of course, you want that for her. I absolutely love mine, and I wear it all the time. 

The Harmoni Pendant is a functional, science-proven piece of jewelry. It’s beautiful to wear (designed by a high-end jewelry maker). And best of all, it serves as a personal EMF protection device that goes everywhere she does, so she’s always protected. 

Both stress and EMFs from our devices (phones, computers, etc) harm our health, and put the body in “fight or flight” mode. But, this pendant is designed to shift the body’s energy field back to a state of calm. 

And yes, it really works. Mom and functional medicine doctor Dr. Lisa Fortin, MD, said this about her Harmoni pendant: 

“I did my own scan and showed that it does truly affect my heart rate variability. I have a really high level of stress in my job and raising 4 children. I really felt it had a calming effect on me, and I'm more level-headed to get through my day easier.”

Studies back it up, too. A clinical trial found some seriously impressive results: reducing signs of stress by 700%, increasing energy by 530%, and improving overall markers of health by 138%.

You can choose from 3 options: stainless steel, 18k gold, or rose gold.  

A beautiful way to show your mom you love her — and want to help protect her and improve her life. She can think of your love and thoughtfulness every time she wears it. 

Harmoni pendant

2 | Annmarie Skin Care — My Favorite Thing to Gift Myself for Mother’s Day!

Help Your Mom Enjoy “Good Skin Days”

Having naturally glowing, healthy skin simply makes life easier. Why not help your mom achieve that? 

With the New Essentials Collection from Annmarie Skin Care, your mom can have her own “spa day” at home

Annmarie Skin Care has been a must-have part of my skin care routine for several years since I discovered them. I absolutely adore every product I’ve tried. So, I’m excited about these new products. (I’m getting them for myself!) 

This 2-step skin care duo provides naturally glowing and healthy skin. First, there’s the Renew Facial Cream Cleanser to help nourish, hydrate, and soften. It’s formulated to cleanse and moisturize any skin type, easily dissolving impurities and removing makeup without stripping the skin’s moisture or disrupting its sensitive barrier.

And then, there’s the Radiate Facial Moisturizing Oil to help soothe, revitalize, and beautify. This all-natural moisturizer reduces the look of temporary redness, balances the skin’s oils, and attracts moisture for radiant skin. Ah, and it’s scented with some wonderful notes of nature: cedarwood, geranium, myrrh, and lavender. These scents elevate the experience to something invigorating and intoxicating.

Help your mom feel amazing and have a spa-worthy experience in her home, because she’s done so much for you!

Buy A Facial Oil, Get A Cleanser Free!
Annemarie renew and radiate

3 | Sheets and Pillows from Avocado Mattress — Give Your Mom A Luxurious Sleeping Experience

Sheets That Elevate the Sleeping Experience

Sleep is a beautiful thing, especially as a mom. You might not think organic, non-toxic sheets create a luxurious experience, but these definitely do. 

The Organic Cotton Sheets from Avocado Mattress are ridiculously soft and silky — and also wrinkle resistant, so they’ll look great. 

They’re made with 100% GOTS organic-certified Indian cotton and deluxe thread counts — the perfect combination of comfort and sustainability. And then, the sateen adds a lustrous sheen for that luxurious look. 

With these sheets, your mom can carry her spa experience to her bed. And she won’t be breathing in toxins, because conventional cotton (which many sheets are made of) is a polluted crop. 

I know your mom will be impressed (and if you decide to get some of these wonderfully comfortable sheets for yourself, hey, I won’t blame you!). 

The feeling of sliding into a bed with soft and silk sheets truly can be otherworldly, especially when you really need to sleep. Ahhh.

Woman sitting on avocado mattress
Woman sitting on avocado mattress
Pillows She’ll Be Happy to Lie Her Head On

Avocado also makes elevated pillows. Finding the perfect pillows can be a challenge, but when you have them, they certainly make sleeping even more wonderful. 

Their Molded Latex Pillow is made for back- and side-sleepers. This firmer pillow is great for neck support. It holds its shape beautifully, and regulates temperature while eliminating odors and excess moisture. It does so much, just like moms! 

Plus, the organic cotton cover is soft, light, and easy to clean. A non-toxic, sustainable, and comfortable pillow — your mom will surely be delighted with such a gift. 

And then, for particular moms, the Avocado Green Pillow has an adjustable fill (made from organic materials), so your mom can have her pillow just the way she wants. With a medium-plush feel, this pillow provides support and resilience for all sleeping positions. The liner on this pillow is also machine-washable, making it easy to use. 

Synthetic pillows (i.e. most pillows) are made with petroleum-based ingredients and other not-so-great chemicals. When your mom lies down, she shouldn’t have to breathe in harmful ingredients!

woman holding a pillow
woman holding a pillow

4 | Detox Market — Spacemasks: Self-Heating Eye Masks for Relaxation and Temporary Escape from the World

A Delightfully New Experience for Your Mom, or Yourself

These eye masks heat up on their own when you put them over your eyes. They are infused with the light smell of jasmine. 

Wear one of these and tension melts away. Your mom's eyes will feel relaxed, and she’ll come away from the 15-minute experience feeling refreshed and revitalized. They're easy to use, and the box comes with 5 masks she can use whenever she wants. 

What mom doesn’t want a way to escape the world, even just for a little while?



5 | Detox Market — Bath Soaks: A Relaxing Treat to Pamper Your Mom

Bathtime Is the Best Time. Especially When It's Elevated!

Bathorium bath soaks are the best you can get. They create a creamy lather that’s way beyond most bath soaks. And they don't have any toxic ingredients. 

The Ancient Oat Hydration Crush bath soak has ground oatmeal, rice milk, warm vanilla, and lemongrass. Dry skin? No more with this luscious soak. 

And then, the Charcoal Garden Detox Crush is detoxifying and calming with a soothing lavender scent. Organic activated bamboo charcoal pulls toxins and free radicals from the skin. Plus, the epsom salts soothe aching muscles. 

These bath soaks melt instantly, and are a true bath treat, leaving minds at ease and skin silky soft.

Bathorium bath salts

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