more edibles, and the book tour

Did you know the leaves of your squash, cucumber, and cabbage plants are edible?   (You probably already knew the leaves of grape, radish, beet, turnip, strawberry, and carrot are edible.)   Toss them in the blender with fruit.   I’m going to do a little video shortly (be a YouTube GreenSmoothieGirl subscriber) showing and telling about 6-8 edible weeds in a field near my house where I run.

We’ve had lots of interest in my coming to your city with my book tour for The Green Smoothies Diet.   My assistant Jenni will give you a press release on the book, a script for talking to the health food store (or book store) near your house, and a sheet for them to fill out and fax to us.

Please write her at to get those things if you want to line up a couple of venues so I can teach a free green smoothie class/demo (with book signing) near you!   This will be fun!


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  1. Lambs Quarters & Pigweed are among those edible ‘weeds’ that are eaten in most parts of the world (we’re familiar with the grains from 2 relataives: amaranth & Quinoa)

    Rose family leaves – esp of the berries: raspberry, blackberry & strawberry are edible – & leaves & flowers of the mallow family – hollyhocks (again, if they’re unsprayed)

    This AM I made a garden smoothie with young grape, comfrey, blackberry & hollyhock leaves, a few holly hock flowers, & marionberries, red currents & josta berries (cross between current & gooseberry) with a few lemon balm & fennel leaves & coconut milk kefir; added a bit of water, 1 tsp agave nectar Tbsp carob powder, & some cinnamon.

  2. I use the leaves off my bush bean plants in my smoothies!! Also, I have had this weed that grows rather rapidly in my garden, and have been pulling it out all the time. Come to find out, it’s a highly nutritious plant that is cultivated all over the world (except the US) for it’s nutritional properties (full of omegas). Now I leave it be, and even sent home some that I pulled up with a friend, and she is going to plant it out back. I now use it in my smooties, and have even sauteed it with my veggies. It’s called Purslane. Tastes somewhat like clover. My zucchini leaves always leave me with a little rash when I’m under them, and they are kind of fuzzy, so I just assumed they were not edible.

  3. Tomato greens are poisonous, I would think also pepper, eggplant, and potato since they’re all in the nightshade family.

  4. Yes. For instance, the leaves of rhubarb are toxic. I’ve been experimenting with weeds I didn’t know if they were edible by first rubbing a leaf inside my arm. If it doesn’t create a rash, then I nibble on a little tiny piece later and spit it out. If that doesn’t create a problem, I eat a little piece. Then the next day a whole bite. ALL green plants are full of chlorophyll and tons of vitamins and minerals, so once you eliminate the possibility of a natural (but toxic) substance in it causing a reaction for you, you’re golden.

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