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Sale Has Now Ended!

Better quality & taste than you’ll find at the store — for lower prices!

Truly Raw, Delicious ALMONDS (no shells)

Buy in Bulk to Save: 25 lbs for $145

(lower than our last Group Buy!)

  • You won’t find truly raw almonds anywhere else, due to a CA law that requires commercial almonds to be heat-pasteurized. 
  • The plump, delicious taste is SO MUCH BETTER than store-bought.
  •  Truly raw almonds = more nutritious

Raw, Flavorful PECANS (no shells)

 Buy in Bulk to Save: 30 lbs for $350

(pecans are a specialty nut; this is a great price for the quality!)

  • NEVER before offered during our Group Buys (Brand-NEW item!)
  • Store-bought pecans are CRAZY expensive. Not these.
  • The quality of these pecans is SO MUCH BETTER: lighter, fresher, larger…& more buttery.

Food prices are going UP across the board.

Our CA farmer tells us he expects prices to go up for our next Fall Group Buy. We also might NOT have pecans again…

Be Sure You Stock Up
Before This Excellent Opportunity Ends!