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Enjoy Energy & Boost Your Health with One of the Healthiest Foods: Raw, High-Quality Nuts

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Truly Raw, Delicious ALMONDS (no shells)

Buy in Bulk to Save: 25 lbs for $139

($30 lower than our last Group Buy!)

almonds in a bowl
  • You won’t find truly raw almonds anywhere else, due to a CA law that requires commercial almonds to be heat-pasteurized. 
  • The plump, delicious taste is SO MUCH BETTER than store-bought.
  • Truly raw almonds = more nutritious

Raw, Flavorful PECANS (no shells)

 Buy in Bulk to Save: 30 lbs for $320

($30 lower than our last Group Buy!)

pecans in a bowl
  • Store-bought pecans are CRAZY expensive. Not these.
  • The quality of these pecans is SO MUCH BETTER: lighter, fresher, larger…& more buttery.
  • Pecans have been linked to improved long-term brain cognition, in a large, 15-year study of over 15,000 women

RAW WALNUTS (no shells)

Buy in Bulk to Save: 25 lbs for $149

($30 lower than our last Group Buy!)

walnuts on a plate
  • The highest level of disease-fighting antioxidants
  • The anti-inflammatory effects of walnuts are more effective than other nuts
  • Adults who ate 12-15 walnut halves daily for 8 weeks had significantly increased beneficial bacteria in the gut

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Why Are These Nuts Better?

One of the healthiest choices you can make for your body and mind is consuming more nuts. 

But, have you noticed that store-bought nuts are ridiculously expensive? 

Plus, they are usually radiated with heat, roasted at high temperatures, or combined with unhealthy oils and high amounts of sugar and salt. Even choices that seem healthy often aren’t. 

The almonds, walnuts, and pecans in our Nut Group Buy are some of the healthiest you can get, from our CA rancher friend. 

Unpasteurized. Raw. And more delicious than grocery store nuts.

Because this is your opportunity to save on healthy, affordable, high-quality nuts.

FREE Healthy Nut Recipes Ebook with Your Order

How will you use your nuts?

I’m sharing some of my favorite nut recipes with you in an ebook that’s only available to Group Buy customers.

  • Like bars to power your day.
  • A warm smoothie.
  • And a healthy snack you’ll love.
Robyn's Favorite Almond, Pecan & Walnut Recipes
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