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Michael in Seattle brings Green Smoothie Love to the Seattle Deaf Community

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | May 05, 2013

Micheal before

Micheal Before Greensmoothies

Michael DuMond in Seattle is a firestarter in the hearing impaired community in Seattle. He’d been to my lecture before when I spoke with David Wolfe a couple of years ago, but this time he brought 20 deaf friends and two interpreters. This story was told to me through one of the sign language interpreters, Marlene Bell.

Michael is totally committed to eating a high-raw, plant-based diet after his doctor said he was in late stages of congestive heart failure and would live no more than two years. He had Type II diabetes and was on medications for high cholesterol.  He said, “No, I won’t die in two years! I will change my life!” At the time, Michael weighed over 300 lbs. at about 5’8″. His diet was fast food, pizza, diet pop. “7-11 stuff,” as he put it.

He started working out at the Y. And he and his wife RaeVern began drinking green smoothies and eating raw plant food. He loves his tomato flax crackers, chocolate mousse, walnut-based “tuna” pate on a sandwich.

Tomorrow I’ll run Michael’s 9 Favorite Recipes:

Raw Lemon Cookies, Tuna Walnut Pate, Raw Chocolate Mousse, Raw Energy Bar, Tomato Flat Bread, Flax Herb Bread, Onion Ring (or raw pizza crust), Oatmeal Chocolate Milkshake, and Cheesy Kale Chips.

He says, “I have lots of things to eat that I love, and I have a big garden.” He’s organizing a co-op. I think he had much to do with the crowd of hearing impaired friends coming to the lecture.

Micheal Today

Micheal today with Marlene Bell

That was 7 years ago that his doctor gave Michael a death sentence. Now, at 53, he has lost 114 lbs. and has normal blood pressure (formerly 160/104, now 117/74), and is off all drugs, with all disease states eliminated.

Unlike before, he now has lots of energy, sleeps well, has a better memory and a more positive and stable mood. He had hip replacement 10 years ago and was told he’d have lots of problems, but he’s had none. RaeVern also lost 40
lbs and eliminated joint pain.

So, this is to honor Michael (SO PROUD OF YOU!), our ASL interpreters, the deaf community, and anyone who wants to turn their life around, starting today. Having good recipes you love is the key, and that involves a learning
curve that’s totally worth your time and effort.

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  1. Annette says:

    Michael – you are heroic and inspirational! Your determination and focus is incredible! Thank you for sharing your recipes! Can’t wait to try them! Thanks for posting his story, Robyn!

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