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Meditate your way to a new relationship between Self and Food

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Mar 27, 2013

thepowerofhabitUpdate! I wrote after New Year’s about the sometimes-infuriating power of HABIT. At the time, I was turning right, instead of left, 95% of the time when I got to the top of my street. The city put a new through-street in, but years of having to go the other way controlled my brain for many weeks.

That week that I posted my goal, I was turning the quick way, the way that doesn’t waste gas and time, 80% of the time! Immediately!

And, no offense to Matthew (who loves pain as a change agent), I didn’t even have to snap my pony tail elastic  on my wrist every time I went the wrong direction. (His idea.)

It’s the power of INTENTION. And WRITING DOWN YOUR GOALS. I wrote here, in this public place, about my previous failure and what I want for the future, and that deepened my intention. Now I’m virtually always remembering to turn left.

(My other dumb New Year’s resolution was to completely give up gum. I know, it’s New Year’s Resolutions, not Lent. But I don’t think gum chewing is good, so I ditched it, cold turkey, bye-bye. So far, so good.) State your intention here of a change you want to make, and maybe that will help you shift!goals

12 Steps to Whole Foods is the how and why of the best nutritional practices in the world. Habits and recipes and how-to that leads to youthfulness, longevity, ideal weight, healthy digestion, and optimal energy.

We arm you with best practices, and 1,000 recipes in every category imaginable. But until we address your heart and mind, we’ve won only half the battle.

The fact is, we mistreat only things we do not value. What conclusion, then, do we draw from the fact that many people—most, in fact—abuse and sabotage our bodies daily?

We live in a culture where we are bombarded with images to compare ourselves to. Movie stars, models, airbrushed falsehoods. We’re given a very narrow range of physical characteristics that are socially desirable.

12_Steps_CourseIt’s no wonder so many turn away, in despair, and self-medicate with terrible food. Food that accelerates aging, spikes our disease risk, packs on 20 lbs or more, and makes us feel terrible.

The 12 Steps Meditations is a companion to the 12 Steps Course. But we offer it separately, unlike some of the pieces in the course, because it is my love letter to you.

It is intended to help you rethink and resolve your issues with living inside your body.

Through repetition, and a loving voice, I want you to shift your beliefs towards a love for the beautiful temple that houses your amazing spirit. Only then can you begin to make wise daily choices, within our 12 Steps program, to honor that temple.

I worked on these meditations for nearly two years. And finally I collaborated with my dear friend, a professional voice talent and a phenomenal musician, Carolyn Lundberg, who recorded them, set to beautiful, inspiring music.meditation love

Please listen to them every day, in your car or on your iPod. Let the complete redesign of your psyche, regarding how you view yourself and your body, take place over a short time.

This is the most singular “labor of love” I have created to date, among many information products. Creating them with Carolyn was a very emotional experience. I hope you are profoundly changed for the better by these meditations. My intent is to honor the divine in you, my friend.

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3 thoughts on “Meditate your way to a new relationship between Self and Food”

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  1. Holly J. says:

    Just ordered the new meditation tapes. Can’t wait to listen to them! Thanks

  2. B.Mary says:

    Hi Robyn. Question… I want to know if the meditation cd would be appropriate for children? I have a niece who is struggling with weight and self love.. She is 10 yes old.

    1. Robyn says:

      Mary, worth a try. It’s definitely geared to older people (teens/adults), but the messages are simple and would be understood by a 10- yo. So sad she is struggling with that.

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