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Live kvass drinks giveaway today!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Feb 18, 2013

Kvass line upZukay Live Foods sent me some of all their Kvass products to try. What’s kvass? You ferment organic, raw vegetables, and then you make juice out of it.

Cultured-food habits, and gut health, is what I teach in Step 8 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods. Eating live, fermented probiotic-rich foods is the BEST way to restore the health of your gut. People have used natural fermentation processes, to preserve raw vegetables, for centuries in many cultures of the world, before cooking and canning came along! Kvass is a Russian tradition.

I sometimes talk about good, better, and best foods. This one ranks in the BEST category, nutritionally! Scale of 1 to 10? This product is a 10! Not only is it organic, raw, and probiotic, but it’s full of digestive enzymes, too—more than plain vegetable juice, more than a salad, even more than a green smoothie, due to the fermentation process.

Eating live, probiotic foods is critical if you have Leaky Gut Syndrome (millions of people have it and are undiagnosed), if you have Crohn’s or IBS, or just have gas or bloating. If you’ve been on antibiotics anytime in the last few decades. If you take meds. If you have eaten hybridized grains (all wheat not labeled as organic) or genetically modified foods (nearly all corn and soy). If you see yourself in this paragraph at all, you need to get DAILY probiotic cultured (fermented) foods in your diet to restore healthy digestion.

Scott Graybek and Family

Scott Grzybek and Family

I LOVE ZUKAY’S STUFF! The founder, Scott Grzybek, makes all the lacto-fermented vegetable juiciness in rural Pennsylvania.

I’ve arranged for the first THREE of you to write us your NAME and PHYSICAL ADDRESS at support123@greensmoothiegirl.com, to get a CASE of 6 Kvass drinks of your choice.

Don’t write if you aren’t interested in fermented foods and love CRAZY-AWESOME nutrition. If you’re a newbie just dipping your toe into the green smoothie concept, adding very little green and lots of agave, and if you make a scrunchy nose at the word “fermented” and get it confused with “rotten”….this product isn’t for you.

It’s a product the uber-crunchy and the open-minded and the “I’m willing to try anything good for me” folks will love. Tastes like vegetables, but TART.

And the next 10 runners-up will get a free bottle of your choice, shipped to you. Anyone who doesn’t win can “like” Zukay on facebook and then write ZacM@zukaylive.com, to get a coupon book.

veggie-bioticIf Maria or Amy writes you back, it’s because you’re a winner! (If not, sorry, watch the blog for giveaways in the future, and be quick about it!)

Maria and Amy will forward your email to Zac at Zukay to hook you up with your freebies, if you’re a winner, and we’ll post the winners here later.

Zukay.com has a store locator, to show you where you can buy, or I just got some cases online, myself, HERE. Bottoms up! Thank you, Zukay, for sharing with my readers.

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5 thoughts on “Live kvass drinks giveaway today!”

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  1. Debbie says:

    Hi Robyn! I would love to receive a case of deliciousness!

  2. Elena Kirschner says:

    Robyn- do you know of any good biologic/holistic dentists in Arizona?

  3. katrina says:

    This stuff sounds awesome. I would love to try it.

  4. lauralee says:

    I would totally try this! Looks great.

  5. John says:

    Hi, I just bought a bottle from my local healfood store in NYC. I can’t wait to try it! They only have the Beet/Ginger Kvass-but I hope to try some other places in NYC to pick up some of the others.

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