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  1. Hey Green Smoothie Girl! Got a ?! I want to reboot my digestion and detox. I have a hiatal hernia which likes to float under my rib cage and cause problems. I used to see a chiropracter but $ ran out. It is better but still deal with it. Well this brings me to my ?. Usually the foods are liguid or light in nature when detoxing and this causes me problems through the day. ( usually by late morn things start to settle down and feel better when eating normally). I do alot of green smoothies but then have to put solid food in to weigh it down. Any suggestions on ‘heavy’ raw food. I have a lot of indigestion and want to finally reboot things. I eat 75 to 80% raw now but I could really use a reboot. Weird problem but trying to get insight. I cannot afford supp. I do make a probiotic cabbage. Cannot eat dairy yogurt and the others are out of my price range.Any help would be appreciated!! 🙂 Pam

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