Last night’s class in Provo

After class last night at the Good Earth, a woman named Kim talked to me about her recent venture as part of the Biggest Loser contest sponsored by Utah Valley Magazine.

She said the trainer they provided to work out with her four times a week set her up with a program requiring her to eat a large quantity of meat four times a day, including whole baggies of beef jerky.

She said, “I’ve never been so weak in my life—I could barely get through the day. The jerky tasted like blood in my mouth. And at the end, I’d gained 12 lbs.” She felt defeated and humiliated.

Two weeks ago she read my book and started drinking green smoothies. She kept telling me about how she had acne her whole life, but I couldn’t see it. Finally she said, “And look, it’s gone! And, I’ve lost 3 lbs.!”

Thanks for sharing your stories with me after class. See you in Orem tonight!

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