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GSG Detoxers lose an average of 12 lbs, and want to tell you what happened!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Sep 11, 2013

GSG-DetoxManualCoverI have 35 pages of testimonials from people gushing about their experience on the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox. As with the beta testers (a group of 30 people who tested the whole program a year ago), the average weight loss was 12 lbs. That’s pretty impressive, for 26 days! One detoxer had her body fat measured before and after, and 8.5 lbs of her 9-lb. weight loss was fat! A handful reported 22 to 23 pounds of weight released, including a husband and wife who both did!

(Not everyone wrote gushing testimonials. Only about 95 percent did. A handful said they dropped out, and they blamed it on their buddy, the fact that they couldn’t eat salt, or the fact that they didn’t like the recipes as much as the Standard American Diet they usually eat.)

I won’t ask you to read 35 pages of testimonials. But, I’m going to share just a few here. I LOVE reading the questionnaires and hearing from individuals about their very real doubts, experiences, challenges, and triumphs as they “cleaned house” for 26 days. VERY EXCITING!

Life altering, and 11 lbs. lost!

Finding Green Smoothie Girl was the best thing that has happened to me since I had my children. I did the Level 1 Detox with great excitement and have nothing but RAVE reviews about the process. My body did well through all phases except the liver flush. (I did not complete this task but I WILL next time!)

Hot Pink smoothie

Hot Pink smoothie

My daughter was my buddy and encouraged me every step of the way, ate the food with me and constantly reminded me of how healthy I looked –my skin, weight loss, increased stamina, and positive attitude. My granddaughters (1 and 4) loved the green and hot pink smoothies, the lentil soup and quinoa salad. Even got my active duty Army Apache pilot son-in-law to begin the green smoothie lifestyle!

My goal doing Detox was for better health. I feel like doing Detox was the best thing I’ve ever done for my body. I lost 11 pounds which is nice and a good thing but more importantly I want my organs to be 100% healthy. Detox helped me understand what an amazing machine God gave me. I want to honor Him by taking care of His gift! Excellent, excellent program.

Just can’t thank you enough for the life altering information and work you are sharing with us.

Terry C. in Kapalua, HI

More energyHealthier, more energy—and 15 pounds lost!

I would like to thank Robyn so very much, (as well as all the support doctors, friends and helpers), for this wonderful detox program you offer. It is very well-organized and you made it so easy to follow. I also would like to especially thank my good buddies who helped me to make it through with their love and encouragement. It was also a big help to read the forum of what all the other participants were going through and the response answers that were given.

I started the program at being 40 pounds overweight and I am happy to report that I lost 15 pounds! Because of the cleanse, I feel so much healthier and have much more energy! During the detox, I stopped taking all my vitamins, supplements and my prescription medications for acid reflux and cholesterol. I continued to take my Synthroid since I had my thyroid removed this past February but I’m happy to report that I had my blood work levels checked in the middle of the detox (2nd week in) and my doctor said he could lower my level of Synthroid and the cleanse and my weight loss were probably the contributing factors!
This is the jump-start I needed to tackle my remaining goal of losing the remaining 25 pounds I need to lose! I plan to continue to use many of your great recipes, your exercise tips, portion control and reading all labels when shopping to make healthy food choices!
Thanks so very much again!

Cindy D. in Voluntown, CT

Cellulite gone! 7 lbs. lost!

I am a 55-year-old female who began the detox at the weight of 126 lbs. I have been vegetarian for a few years and eat a pretty clean diet. I don’t drink alcohol, the only caffeine I drink is in green tea, and I don’t eat sugar.

However, over my lifetime I have been exposed to environmental toxins as well as pharmaceutical concoctions involving dentistry and Graves disease. I had been recommended by a shamanic healer about a year ago to cleanse every organ in my body. I did a series of colonics along with a parasite cleanse but I stopped there. Most cleanse programs on the market detox independent organs and most of them seem to be a kit.

They hardly recommend to even alter your diet. These detoxes never seemed right to me so I was at that crossroads of what to do. I stumbled across GSG and looked into the protocol. It seemed perfect for me.

The timing was right and then I got the brainstorm to enlist my 21-year-old college daughter to join me. I always worry about the genetics of her generation being weaker due to all the FDA-approved food, cleaning supplies and personal products they are exposed to. Plus, I felt it would be a great bonding experience for the two of us. She jumped on board with me immediately.

We spoke every day: she lives in New Orleans and I live in Jackson, MS, and we text messaged each other support when we felt weak. We listened to the group phone calls. We both would share what insight we gained either from the GSG daily emails, the forums or the online talks and chats. We shared with each other our experiences with the recipes.

She came home for a visit prior to Phase Two and we both cooked the recipes for each of us and went to the grocery store together. She would email me the grocery list for each phase to make it easier for me. Prior to the GSG Detox, my daughter was always tired. The first day on the program she could not believe her energy level and how she would jump out of bed and get things done.

I felt a surge in not only energy, but also in inner joy. Don’t get me wrong: I struggled with the first day, just being hungry in the middle of the night, the second day of the watermelon cleanse and then the after effects of the olive oil and lemon juice liver detox day.


Good bye cellulite!

But it was all worth every second. I love how my clothes fit me; I feel more peaceful. Oh yeah, and this is huge: since I was 5 years old, I remember having cellulite on my thighs. I remember sitting on the front porch swing of our home and looking down at my legs wondering what those puckers were in my skin. About 10 days into the GSG program, I was blow drying my hair, with my head bent over and looked at my legs. Now I practice yoga 6 days a week so I am in that position a lot and I know how my legs look.

Well that morning they looked different, in a good way–they weren’t as saggy. I pushed the skin together to see if the cellulite was still there. It wasn’t. I pushed my skin together over all the parts of my body that had cellulite previously, and it was gone! The cellulite never really bothered me that much but I sure do like it not being there. I can only attribute it to being the fact that the toxins that were stored in my fat cells were pushed out!

I have recommended the GSG Detox to anyone who will listen to me. I am actually sad that today is the last day. I am excited to incorporate the recipes that we used in the detox program into my everyday life and I ordered the GSG Menu Planner to keep me on the straight and narrow! All I can say is, thank you, Robyn, and your colleagues, for all your hard work in developing this program! It was easy to follow, well planned out and your program incorporates cutting edge knowledge in the healing field.

Tamar S. in Jackson, Mississippi

More energy, knees don’t hurt as much, lost 23 lbs—will definitely do it again next time!

I have never tried a detox of this magnitude before. I paid for my buddy, as I knew I would not do it without accountability. I was surprised to lose 23 pounds!  I was surprised at how easy it was.

There were days I could not even eat all the food in the daily program–and I still lost so much weight! I never felt hungry or deprived, which was amazing. I think part of the answer was doing some spiritual housecleaning before starting.

12 Steps Premium CourseI heard Robyn speak in person last January in Houston, Texas. I bought the whole GSG 12 step program that night but never opened the box till after finishing the detox. I had never done dry skin brushing. I found a far infrared sauna about 30 minutes from me; I LOVE the sauna. People keep commenting on how good my skin looks so I think, all things considered, I have come out way ahead of expectations in that area. I do have more energy and my knees don’t hurt as much.

I loved the emails and videos we received every day. I looked forward to them! Robyn has such an easy, non-condescending approach to all this, and I thoroughly wanted to complete it. My husband is a pastor, so we had about 5 meals out with other couples during this time. I did great, as I was not drawn to the food, as I was full and satisfied with the detox food. I will definitely do it again next time.

Lee Ann P. of Magnolia, Texas

Skeptical Registered Nurse Learns About Nutrition and Loses 15 lbs!

The journey that I took in participating in the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox has been life changing. I don’t use that phrase lightly, as by nature I’m pretty skeptical, so please understand how big that is for me!

I never thought I could live for 26 days without meat and chocolate every day! It is amazing to me how my taste buds have changed and how I no longer crave the foods that I once did. It was difficult at times, but having the on-line support and my detox buddy helped me through that.

I am a Registered Nurse and always thought I understood nutrition, but now I realize how far off some of my thinking has been. I am so appreciative to Robyn and her team for creating such a great program and for opening my eyes to the way that I can now live. I lost 15 pounds!

Renae O. in Rigby, Idaho

Goodbye to aches and pain!

Goodbye to aches and pain!

“I wish all my patients were as proactive as you!” 15 lbs. lost!

Good news! I completed the 26 day detox and I feel totally renewed!

I came to the detox program for health reasons. I was attempting to get myself out of bed and couldn’t because I was full of excruciating pain in my lower back and some joints. My blood report said I have parasites in the red blood cells, low vitamin C, possible thyroid problem, fungus, protein swimming in the blood, inflammation, and the list went on. I was in shock. How did this happen?

And yet I didn’t care about that stuff because my main focus was to get rid of the excruciating pain so I wouldn’t need assistance getting out of bed, help to the toilet, help putting my shoes on, or someone to fetch things for me.

I went to the Internet for answers and found the Green Smoothie Girl website. While reading the detox webpage words popped out to me like body’s oxygen supply, immune system, pH, acidic, and the gut. These were the same words my doctor used when talking to me about my health. I had my doubts so I prayed about it and my answer was, “Allow food to be your medicine.”

I bought the program two days before the detox started. The fourth day, I wanted to quit. In tears, I informed my husband of my decision because I didn’t like experiencing detox symptoms. He encouraged me to stick with it. Headaches, flu-like symptoms, coughing. On the fifth day, I was scared, so my husband took me to see the doctor. My doctor, knowing my health history, was excited to find out that I was putting forth effort to change my health. He said, “I wish all my patients were as proactive as you.”

Even my doctor encouraged me to continue with the detox program!

Then on the sixth day, the pain that had wrecked my life for months was gone! Hallelujah! The pain was no longer in my body. It was GONE. As I continued through the detox, I felt my body experiencing peace, calm and happiness. I feel so blessed to have the pain gone.

My husband has noticed how soft my skin has become–and I lost 15 pounds! I feel highly motivated to share the good news of my victory over pain to others. This detox program made a believer out of me. The Full-Support Detox Membership I purchased was worth every penny, as it taught me of a world I didn’t even know existed, through daily emails, conference calls, and videos.

Suzanne F. in Meridian, Idaho

sugar noEliminated sugar cravings, more in tune—and 13 lbs lost!

First off, I will say that I have never participated in a detox of any kind before; my initial motivation was purely to address weight loss (I started ~35 lbs. above my ideal weight). My husband decided to jump on board in support of my efforts – though in his case he was hoping to discover some possible food sensitivities and reduce his cholesterol. We both lost about the same amount of weight—13-15 lbs.

The biggest surprise for both of us was discovering that our desire for sugar was virtually eliminated from the start. Great news! When we were feeling tempted through the 26 days, there was not usually a fat-laden, high-sugar item involved. We were also fascinated to learn to tune in to the signals that our body’s send out regarding hunger and satiation….all things we previously ignored. It was empowering to learn that we could survive on so little food and (for the most part) feel fairly satisfied.

We were grateful to have participated in the full support option because we frequently turned to the forum to seek answers to our questions–from other participants, through Robyn’s videos, while listening to the expert lectures, or catching the live phone calls. These are all fantastic tools to offer accountability and help built general knowledge about health and natural wellness.

It was so great to learn new practices that are now part of my daily routine (dry brushing, oil pulling, jumping on the rebounder, etc.). I can’t neglect to mention the liberating feeling just knowing that we completed the 26 day detox in 26 days with NO CHEATS! Nice! Even today (Day 27), I have not struggled with giving into the temptation that some foods often present–that’s huge for me and helped me stay the course!

Unfortunately, we didn’t experience the boost of energy that many others did. In fact, we found ourselves to be more exhausted than usual. Perhaps that is because there was just so much going on inside our bodies – lots of toxins being released and systems being repaired – W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!!! Despite that sluggishness we battled all month-long, we would recommend this program to others – and will likely schedule another detox when it is most convenient based on our family’s schedule.

Above all, we are both grateful for Robyn and her staff. We so appreciate all of the hard work that went into putting this program together and then launching it successfully. Way to go!

Susan I. in San Antonio, Texas

we did itHusband-and-wife team down 32 lbs—loving it!

I highly recommend this Detox! We are pretty clean eaters anyway, but we learned a LOT and are inspired and motivated to clean up even more. We were never hungry the entire 26 days, and only experienced a few cravings, which I’m proud to say we did not cave into!

Improved sleep and energy were apparent in just the first few days. The constant increase of energy was the best part! I lost 11 pounds and 16.25 inches overall. I’m right back to where I feel my best! My husband lost 21 pounds and 29 inches! We are loving it!

Reading the manual before we began was very important. It helped us be organized and aware of what each phase was intended to accomplish. Organization and preparation are essential! We set aside a specific time each evening to read/listen to the GSG daily emails. Every single one offered valuable information. The whole process was extremely educational and worthwhile.

Thanks, Robyn!

Lori H. in Centerville, Utah

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14 thoughts on “GSG Detoxers lose an average of 12 lbs, and want to tell you what happened!”

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  1. Tammy says:

    Can you do the detox while nursing?

    1. Robyn says:

      Ladies, I would not do a major detox while pregnant, nor while nursing is the primary source of Baby’s calories (first 6-9 months). Lots of detoxed material / chemicals leave via bodily fluids, including your bloodstream that filters through the fetal bloodstream, as well as breastmilk.

      We do the live program again starting Jan. 5!

  2. when will you do another detox program? I want to, but right now I am pregnant, and I plan on breastfeeding my baby for at least a year. But I so need the benefits of this detox.

  3. Tina says:

    What fabulous testimonials!!!!!!!!! This was so encouraging to read as I was on the fence the last time around, mostly because I was going to be out of town for 10 days of the last detox event. But now I look forward to participating in a future detox as I had a summer of way too much SAD food/drinks. Congrats to all that did the detox and feel wonderful now! Does the program have steps with how to maintain the weight loss/good health after the days are over?

  4. Sophie says:

    Hello Robyn, I have a question about your Ultimate Minerals – is this similar to a product like Heaven Sent Sea Essentials Vital Nutrients with Coral Calcium that has many trace minerals? I bought and was going to open a bottle of the Sea Essentials but was reluctant to when I saw that it had fructose in it (Sea Berry flavor) along with a few other ingredients (cadmium, silver). Your reply would be most appreciated. Also, would you please give a few suggestions on what one can/should do to get rid of age spots (or liver spots) on the face? Thank you in advance.

    1. Robyn says:

      Sophie, very different products. Ultimate Minerals is highly concentrated fulvic and humic acid from deep in the earth. Not inorganic coral calcium supplements. Age spots—well, detoxify the liver with my Detox program, to start? And yes, address minerals is part of that!

      1. Kyunbg says:

        Thanks so much for your feedback, Robyn. I will look into purchasing your Detox program when my financial situation is better.

  5. I love reading the experiences others had. I did the detox on my own and started out with my 18 year old daugther doing it with me. She lasted 3 or 4 days and then was out, but she was an amazing support to me. It was very hard, but I had my whole family supporting me. I lost 11 pounds and my boyfriend couldn’t stop telling me how beautiful my skin was and my friends actually told me I had a glow. I’m looking forward to doing it again and I’m still trying to eat healthy because I love how I feel! Thanks for developing such a well thought out plan. I would like to try to do level 2 next time.

  6. Margo says:

    I ride a road bike and am training for the upcoming season. Training will be composed of approximately 10 hours or aerobic activity per week plus weights 3 times per week and just general core work, ect.
    I really want to participate in the detix program for the health benefits but ill I have enough calories and balance of carbs, protein and fats?

    1. Robyn says:

      Margo, I do that much cardio every week of my life and I do fine with it when I’m doing the Detox. If it’s very NEW to you, to train like that, you may struggle.

      1. Margo says:

        The level of exercise wont be a problem……. I know what i normally eat so I dont “crash” and know I wont be able to some of the things I normally do. I guess you will
        be there for support so I wont worry about it:)

  7. Penny says:

    I purchased the detox pdf before and I would like to follow along with this detox and would like to purchase the detox supplemental enhancements. Accell. Where do I order them from. Thank you very much

  8. Barbara Wright says:

    I bought the 3 day detox but missed placed the instructions. Can some one proved me with the instructions on how to do the 3 day detox? Thank you so much.

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