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Karla wins a 12 Steps manual and shares her 57-old athlete story!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Feb 18, 2014

Right as I got home from my first trip on my 2014 book tour, I got this high-vibration letter from Karla in Arizona–hope you enjoy it!

Karla, I can relate to so much of this. I had plantar fasciitis, too, for nearly a year. This was devastating, as a competitive tennis player, until I got on top of it. I sat out while my team went to six-state Districts, which almost killed me! I’ve been symptom free for 3 years, even though my doc demanded I get steroid shots (I refused, and am glad I did). Plus, like you, I took up cycling, which gave me a new hobby/sport I totally LOVE, even now that I’m way past plantar fasciitis.

Eating an anti-inflammatory diet is key! No hybridized gluten grains, and minimal or no animal proteins, dairy, and sugar. What I did is eat my 12 Steps to Whole Foods diet, looking for LOTS of greens, and alkaline fruits and veggies, as the base of my pyramid. Your EVERY CELL will thank you. Inflammation is optional!

Here’s the letter from Karla, who is living life out loud, at the age of 59—so inspiring!

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl

6EF9879DB1D199012D7D6398A6051600I attended your presentation in Mesa last night with my husband, Rod. I was the very lucky winner of the 12 Steps Course Manual! I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled we both were to receive this valuable tool. The excited shriek you heard when read our number was genuine! THANK YOU!!

We love our green smoothies, and your website has inspired and taught us during our journey. We refer those who ask about what we are doing to your website. You have been our “guru.” We thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. And for the amazing gift we won—we are so excited to incorporate more healthy eating and improve our health even more!

Last year, we decided to cut way back on meat and dairy and try to eat a plant-based diet. Rod has read the China Study, and we watched Food Inc., Forks over Knives, and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, all of which are amazing documentaries on health and food. We have an amazing green smoothie story!

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis—a tendon inflammation in the arch that goes up the heel. It felt like someone stuck a red hot poker up my heel every morning when I would step out of bed. Rod and I were avid hikers and this was devastating, as walking at all was very painful. The podiatrist said, “Ride a bike.”

That was life-changing advice. We were riding 10 – 20 miles at a time and discovered a network of bike trails here in the Phoenix area. We started green smoothies, and bought a Blendtec.

We eventually began training for an 85-mile race—I was turning into an athlete at age 57! Last year we did two CENTURY rides!

Last year, Rod and I rode 5,000 miles, and we sacrificed a bike ride in 70 degree weather to come and hear you speak last night!  Cycling has been a wonderful hobby that we enjoy together, and green smoothies are our fuel every day.

Every day is amazing. I feel better than I have felt in over a decade! And I will turn 59 in June. People ask me what I am doing—how does my skin look so good? I don’t wear any foundation makeup, so I don’t hide my age spots and wrinkles, but my skin glows and that is what people see.

Love to you,

Karla LaMunyon, Peoria, AZ


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