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Class 1. What do high-vibration people eat?

Hi there. Food has frequency! And having at least a basic understanding of what foods are high vibration and what foods are low will help change your relationship with food as well as your understanding of foods as choices that lead to not just more health but also more of the emotional energetic frequencies like gratitude and love. They really are related to the foods you choose and I want you to know which foods aren't going to lead you there. You don't have to go around with a scale or a calorie counter or a diet book to start making better food choices that directly affect the ways that you're attracting more of the good or attracting more of the bad in life.

In my new book Vibe, which I hope you've ordered, we take you through a seven day detox plan and what we're doing here is we're getting all the junk out of your cells because they can't move, they can't fill the measure of their creation, they can't do what they were programmed to do when they are fighting all the bits of undigested proteins and genetically modified foods and the chemicals that are in our foods. So it's a great start. And the book's also going to help you think through how to medicate, who to spend your time with, about a dozen different ways that you can turn your whole mood around, all your energies around that you can do in just seconds or minutes.

But in this video I want to tell you that how you've been thinking about food might be all wrong. We'll cover, here's some of the questions. Why don't I know what high vibration foods are? If this is a real thing, why don't I know about it? Also, how does this relate to calories? Let me give you a hint. It doesn't, not really, but generally speaking, the high vibration foods are the low calorie foods. In the example of, for instance, the vegetables that I'm showing you. However, there are major deviations from this rule, so we'll get to that.

We're going to talk about has it been measured? I want to talk about this whole concept about how foods have an electromagnetic charge or value. In principle, you could measure it even though you may not have something really accessible to you like we now have with the calorie counter books everywhere and apps. And the higher frequency or higher electromagnetically charged foods are massively more important in our diet. We need as many of them as we can get. And most of us are deficient in those high vibration foods like I'm talking about more than 95% of us.

This has everything to do with our high rates of disease. You know that these kinds of foods have fiber. You know that they're high in vitamins and minerals. That's why they have these beautiful colors. And here's something that nobody's talking about. If Einstein were here with me, I think he'd back me up on this. Maybe most importantly, these are the high vibration foods. Okay? We have vegetables, Greens and fruits are the highest frequency foods. Next down the ladder. The next best category are nuts and seeds. Any adulterated plant food, especially raw plant foods are the high frequency foods.

And so it's really worth your time and effort to think of what the ways are that you can get more of these in your diet. What's your favorite way that you can make habitual? Some people like to eat salads. Some people like to cut up vegetables and have a healthy dip with them. Some people love green smoothies. Some people either make their own or buy their own juices. If you do that, leave the fruit's out, have it be all Greens and vegetables. We're going to talk about all these questions.

Yes, it's been measured by many people. Not only did Bruce Tainio out of the University of Washington measure the frequency of foods and Gary Young measured the frequencies of natural substances that we use to medicate ourselves, primarily essential oils, but they and many others have assessed foods and medicines, healthy human beings, sick human beings, different organs of the body, as well as things like how much electromagnetic frequencies are coming off of electrical devices or devices that are emitting signals. These are those chaotic, fracturing electromagnetic frequencies. Technology and medicine now know a lot about the healing and the destructive frequencies. That is how lasers have been developed. That is how diagnostics like EKG and ECG have been developed. Some of these scientists may use your units of measure that aren't hertz too.

But I'm mostly going to talk about Bruce Tainio's measurements here in a minute because we all recognize electrical energy in hertz. If we had some basic science classes in high school or college. So there are even some limited experiments that have been done with what happens to you when you eat low or high vibration foods. I want to give you an example. This is a very small study, but a group of researchers had people smell coffee, taste coffee, hold coffee in their hands and what they discovered is even smelling the coffee lowers your vibration. It takes hours to recover after drinking it. And you might think that coffee is a high energy food if you're confused about where energy comes from because when you drink it, you feel really productive and energetic. You might even feel a little bit buzzed when you drink it, but it is not high frequency.

In fact, it's very low frequency. It is a stimulant, so it has the effect of making you feel supercharged temporarily, but there's always a deficit. You have to pay the Piper later eventually because you're borrowing tomorrow's energy for today. So if you are going to drink coffee, drink it organic, then at least you're getting less mold in it and you're getting none of the pesticides and herbicides, coffee being one of the most sprayed crops in the world. Don't put dairy milk and sugar in it. You do have other options. You can put organic coconut milk or almond milk and use an organic Stevia or monk fruit in it so that it's not going to give you that impact on your blood sugar of the sort of lousy sugary options that you have out there. And go off of coffee for days at a time to let your body recalibrate and detox those acids and caffeine at the same time. So in the simplest way possible, let me tell you what the high vibration foods are to give you not only sustainable energy for right now, but also to actually build healthy high vibration tissues and organs, your whole body and spirit over time. The high vibration foods are the ones that recently came out of the ground or out of a tree and human beings haven't done too much to them. If you pull them off of a grocery shelf in a bag like the low fat or low calorie or sugar free foods that come in a bag box or can, that's not going to be a high vibration food. Now we manufacturer foods at Green Smoothie Girl and so I've learned an unfortunate amount about how the supply chain works. First of all, if it's in a bag or a box or a can, generally speaking with very few exceptions, the ingredients in that bag box or can are far older than you would think based on the expiration date. If you get an ingredient in the bag right before that ingredient expires from its manufacturer, you've now got the whole two years that that is allowed to have shelf life. Um, you also have genetically modified ingredients unless it's organic, non GMO. You also have chemicals added. Uh, sometimes it looks like they've added vitamins, but those vitamins are synthetic versions. Uh, there are emulsifiers, there are chemicals added for mouth feel. There are chemicals added so that you respond favorably to the color of the food. There are so many things they do to our food if it's in a box or a can or a bag on the grocery store shelf, that decreases its vibration. Okay? So hardly any of those processed foods that didn't come out of the ground or out of a tree, hardly any of them are going to actually raise your vibration. So that's kind of the easiest way I can summarize it for you. Class 1. What do high-vibration people eat? 3 You might say, well, I know happy people who eat out of the drive through all the time. Okay, I agree. But what could they be accomplishing? Where would their Vibe be if they had the food thing nailed too? You can always be happier. You can always live longer. You can always lower your disease risk. You could always have more energies to share with others because you are sharing your energies with others. Think about that. It's pretty cool concept. We are always sharing and exchanging energies with people every day. If we are blessed to actually work with other people that is, and most of us are. So it's definitely true that some absolutely delightful people chained-smoked until they were a hundred, but what was the lost potential by neglecting a major part of reaching our potential? Obviously it's a logical fallacy to say, I knew a guy who ate burgers and beer every day till he was 94 and he built $1 billion company and he was a wonderful man, loved by his family until he died. Therefore, here's the part where the logical fallacy part comes in, right? Therefore, eating healthy doesn't matter. I hear that kind of thinking all the time and I bet you do too and I hope you are smarter than that. I had a friend who was a health nut vegetarian for 40 years and he died of cancer. The implied conclusion, which is a logical fallacy is therefore eating healthy doesn't prevent cancer or therefore eating healthy doesn't matter. So for the sake of this class, I'm going to assume that you agree that there is legitimacy to the over 10,000 published studies now about how disease preventative and energy giving, the red, orange, yellow, green foods are okay that grow in the ground. So regardless of the fact that you know awesome people who eat lots of junk food, here's the question on my mind. What is your lost potential if you're not eating high frequency foods every day? And since everything is energies, if I haven't convinced you on that point, hopefully Einstein and Tesla have now, how much are things bothering you in your life affected by your food choices? And what if there are ways of eating those high frequency foods that you're actually going to really love? How much drag are you creating in your energies with food? How many issues in your life that are actually really easily turned around with nothing more complicated than changing your food. Eating high frequency foods for one meal one time does not create health, but when you do it day after day, when you find habits that are sustainable, some really healthy recipes featuring, remember greens, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds, the highest frequency foods, and you do this over and over again daily. There's actually processes that are set into motion by the body that creates a momentum over the course of days and weeks and months and some powerful healing processes actually turn devastating conditions around and prevent diseases as well. This is why I love the green smoothie habit. This way, when it's habitual, you're eating perennial plants, you're eating those plants that reached their roots deeper into the soil, and when you blend them daily into pints or quarts of food that you then drink, you get a variety of them whatever is in season that you're buying at the store or you're growing in your backyard if you're really lucky. But if you're spreading them throughout your day, this is the perfect way to 10 x, the high vibration material into your body to build higher vibration cells and tissues and organs, which make up a high vibration you. You might be thinking vegetables and greens, I don't really like them. I've heard this a few times. Well, here's the thing, I don't really like Broccoli that much myself. I'll eat it occasionally, but I don't really want to. But I love asparagus. I'll steam a whole bunch of it and I'll just eat it cold while I'm working at my desk, whatever I didn't eat the night before at dinner. That's how much I love it. It's kind of weird. I know. And I love beets. I love anything with beets in it. And I could eat cucumbers day in and day out. Class 1. What do high-vibration people eat? 4 And the reason that I mention that, uh, you don't have to like those particular foods, is that I eat a ton of those foods, the ones that I like, the ones that fit in my routine, I just always have them on hand. See these little cocktail cucumbers at Costco. Now you may or may not actually have access to these foods at Costco, but I'm showing them to you to show you how much plant food I get by figuring out things that I love and eating a lot of them. Okay, so I buy these cocktail cucumbers at Costco, which right now as I'm filming this for you is my latest favorite thing. And then I get this roasted beet hummus. It's organic and I dip these little guys, they're super, super crunchy and yummy. And sometimes I will sit there and eat an entire bag of this. Okay? So I have found ways, this is just an example. It's not like it's the only thing I eat, but I find ways like this that for me are delicious. And they're a meal. When I eat that, when I sit down at my desk and I'm sitting there eating a whole bunch of this hummus which has, you know, beats and sesame seeds and good stuff in it and a whole ton of these, I get so much done. I have a two hour creativity jam before I ever even think about any other food. So find the fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and greens that work in your day, that work in your shopping, in your routine. Don't just hear what I'm saying here and say I don't like vegetables. I had a neighbor once, I tried to help raise her children because there's a lot of chaos in their home, a lot of problems in the marriage. And I sort of helped raise these three children along with my own four children. And I remember I was trying to help her kids eat healthier and I was trying to help her because she lived on like "Crystal Light" and processed foods and I tried to get her going on a green smoothie habit and I tried to introduce her to it and she said, "I don't like vegetables. I tried them once, they gave me diarrhea". Okay, so here's the issue with, if you eat a processed food diet and you decide to make shifts this direction, the first time you try a vegetable, if you don't have a heavily plant based diet, your body might have a reaction to it. It doesn't mean your body doesn't need vegetables. It doesn't mean that your body doesn't need Greens. It means that your body recognized that and said, "Whoa, this isn't the usual. This isn't what we usually do here". And all of a sudden your sick toxic gut starts to use those raw materials to do some important work. You do like vegetables. Everyone likes some of them, and the more you eat of them, the more you will start energetically resonating with more of them. That's one of the exciting things that we talk about in the "Design Your High Vibration Life Course" is how to get some momentum going the right way. So many people in our culture are spiraling down and it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that something bad happened to you. It has to do with a negative, energetic momentum. Okay. Let's talk now a little bit about how people, let's talk about how you are currently evaluating your food choices. Okay. How are you deciding whether a food is good or bad? I'm not talking about the choice at the grocery store, you put it in your cart if you like the food and you don't put it in the cart if you don't like the food. Let's assume you're only putting in your cart foods you think are good for you. What does that mean to you? If you're like most people, you are looking at calories and you are looking at how many grams of proteins, fats and carbs are in that food. This is not a very useful construct. It's actually two different constructs. The calories and the macronutrient obsession that we've got going on. High vibration, Class 1. What do high-vibration people eat? 5 they're ones to seek out. Calories just aren't a good way to evaluate whether a food is good for you or not. More than half the time it actually is, it actually does correlate high calories, low vibe. But there are lots of notable exceptions. Let me give you a few. Uh, Avocados are fairly high calorie foods, however, they are full of so many nutritional compounds, especially the good kinds of fats. The ones that slow our aging. The ones that protect our cells. They're high calorie and they're also very high vibration. Like if I were going to make a list of 10 foods that I was going to take to my deserted island, Avocados would definitely be on it. And you know, another food that lands in that category is almost any kind of nut. Nuts are high in calories. Nuts are high in fats, but they are also very high vibration. Now remember, go back to our original rule. It came out of the ground or a tree, right? Let me give you another example on the flip side. Diet foods are, unless they are a vegetable or fruit, which those don't get labeled as diet foods. The diet food industry isn't trying to sell you bell peppers, right? Diet foods as in the packaged processed foods are the vast majority of the time going to lower your vibration. So you think you're doing something healthy for yourself and you're not. I mean you probably know that Diet soda is actually super toxic and it will bring your vibration down. So that's another really obvious example. Right now, high protein has been seen as a good thing in the last 10 years we have all been obsessed with get more protein. You can almost not get too much protein, but here's what a lot of high protein products are: They are low in fiber, they are low in micronutrients, they have a bunch of processed artificial sweeteners. Okay. Or the animals, where it's not in a package, the animal proteins, they have: steroids, hormones, antibiotics. So I hope you'll let go of the idea that the thing we're chasing is more protein, more protein is not appropriate. Protein at the 10% of the diet range is just about perfect. And guess what? You can even get that with a plant based diet. I'm not advocating for a plant based diet here, although I do eat a primarily plant based diet. I'm telling you that the high vibration foods are the plants. So you don't actually need a scale or a gauge or a thermometer for this kind of thinking, this way of evaluating which food choices are best. You know that before there were processed foods, let's go back a hundred years ago, before there was a sugar bowl and a refined salt shaker on every table, there were no food scales or calorie counters or diet books or obsession with grams of macronutrients. Nobody was talking about that, it wasn't a thing. And we had a lot less disease back then. So think about all that. You can just let go of all of that if you just commit to eating mostly whole foods and mostly plants. Let me share with you a law of quantum physics. Okay, let's talk about the law that goes like this. A substance of a higher frequency can cause a substance of a lower frequency to increase. I go into more detail about that in the book Vibe and I go through several other principles of quantum physics that absolutely apply to your nutrition, to your health, to your choices that you're making every day. So let me say that again. A substance of a higher frequency can cause a substance of a lower frequency to increase. Now I'm going to show you some examples. Let me put this bar chart up here and I want to show you that at one end of this bar chart, we're looking at the frequencies of fear and anger. They are the lowest vibration emotions. Now, if we understand that a substance or an energy of a lower frequency is in our energy field, be it that we're eating it or that we're applying it to our skin or that it's a person in our Class 1. What do high-vibration people eat? 6 energy field, any substance has the possibility of raising or lowering our vibration. So this bar chart is really, really important. And I put a bunch of things on here that can't really be compared because the vibration of fear and anger is very, very low, it will always bring you down. Intuitively, you know that. But, take a look at animal proteins, pork, chicken, fish, beef, all of them resonate at about two hertz of frequency. Now this is going to have relevance now that you know that law of quantum physics there when we get to what a healthy human being is. In fact, just look in the middle of the chart here. A healthy human being was measured by Bruce Tainio between 62 and 68 hertz. Now, if a substance of a lower frequency is going to bring you down from 62 to 68 hertz, then how much meat do you really want to eat? How much chicken, beef, pork or shellfish, all that stuff. How much of that do you really want to eat if your goal is to live a higher vibration life? Now take a look to the right of a healthy human being at 62 to 68 hertz of energy. Take a look to the right and notice that greens are in the 70s. Being in the energy field of greens, whether you're smelling it, whether you are taking a bath in it, that would be weird, right? But the obvious thing to do with greens, is eat them. Or in the case of this green juice here, which I just had made for me about an hour ago, being in the energy field of greens, especially drinking it, is going to raise your vibration. It's just what it does. Now look at the far end the right side. Essential oils are sometimes between 50 hertz and even sometimes in the hundreds of hertz. So what a great way to medicate symptoms when we have them because we are raising our vibration rather than lowering it like we do every single time we use a synthetic substance like a drug. A sick human being, someone with Candida might be more like 55 hertz. Someone with end stage cancer, very near the end of their life, Tainio found, will sometimes register as low as 25 hertz. So on the far right, are the frequencies of love, peace, gratitude. We know how we feel when we are in this vibration and this chart shows it. Okay, now I want to show you the green smoothie girl food pyramid. This was not invented by the food industry. When I was in second grade, we had to learn Mulligan stew. We had to watch this TV series to learn a food pyramid that has completely changed since I was in second grade. But I memorized it. I wanted to get an a on it. I got all these points for eating lots of bread because I was supposed to eat four servings of grains every day. But this is the food pyramid based on energies, based on electromagnetic frequencies in these foods, based on what I just taught you, which is that substances of a higher frequency, can raise yours. And so obviously we are prioritizing here, greens as the crux, the base of a high vibration diet. Get it in salads, get it in green smoothies, get it in green juice, get it in your cucumbers, dipped in Hummus, whatever you have to do. Greens, vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds. These are the crux of a high vibration diet. So if you eat meat, uh, for other reasons, keep it minimal and know that you're not helping your vibration eating a lot of two hertz pork, fish, chicken, beef, seafood. Okay. Fortunately, this lines up with a lot of what you already know. If you go on a diet that teaches you to drink more coffee and eat more meat and eat loads of fat, which is what the current leading diet fad right now tells you to eat, the current reigning diet fad, it's bumping out the Paleo Diet, I've been predicting this for years. It's called the Ketogenic Diet. And it now brings fats up to be the god of all the macronutrients. Class 1. What do high-vibration people eat? 7 The Paleolithic Diet was all about making protein, the god of all the macro nutrients. If you are being told to eat bacon and eggs and drink coffee, you are being lied to. Why? Why would they lie to you and tell you to drink coffee and eat eggs and bacon all day? Because you can make more money selling a diet if you tell people what they want to hear. Everyone wants to buy into a diet where they can eat unlimited meat or loads of fat, but there's absolutely no evidence with hard end points. I'm talking about hard end points that people live longer or live to age 80 disease free if they eat this way or that way. So there's no legitimate evidence in favor of eating diets high in low vibration foods like animal products, let alone bacon, which is the worst animal product. Well, pork is the worst animal product, and when you make it into bacon or lunch meat or sausage, it's full of toxic chemicals like nitrites and nitrates. There's no evidence that a diet unnaturally high in fats leads to positive long term outcomes. There's no evidence that drinking lots of coffee leads to any good long term health outcomes either. So when another animal's flesh is dead, it's very, very low vibration. Back to the bar chart, here. You are 62 to 68 hertz, remember that, it's an important figure. All animal meats are about 2 hertz. Cheese and dairy products by the way, eggs, stuff like that, they are not any better. So okay, if you're going to eat low frequency animal proteins, at least eat a lot of living, high vibration, colorful fruits and vegetables with it. And yes, I said fruits. If you've been following the Diet Fads the past 20 years and you've been brainwashed by the Paleo or Ketogenic or Adkins diets, for instance, maybe you've been made to feel bad about eating fruits because they have sugars in them. They have carbohydrates, because someone's got you feeling bad about eating carbohydrates. Let's get really clear about this too. No research bears out the idea that fruit is bad for you. In fact, fruits are beautifully high vibration and they taste good and they're easy to eat on the go and you could put them in your purse. So please don't go on any diet that tells you that fruit is bad food. Zero people ever got diabetes eating fruit. Zero people ever became obese from eating fruit. If someone has told you, but it banana has 150 calories, what's your alternative to a banana then that's lower calorie? A bag of low fat potato chips? I promise you taking a look at those two choices in terms of their nutrient density or in terms of their vibrational qualities will serve your health. Okay. Purely evaluating relative to calories is a big, big mistake. Make sure that you do the seven day detox in your book Vibe. It's important. Just do it. You'll see what I mean. You'll see what I mean. Not just if you lost five pounds in the process, you will notice what happens to your emotional energies, your focus, your inflammation levels and so many other things that you may not be connecting to the food you eat. Now, if you eat animal products, choose clean animal proteins, not animals who are raised in suffering anxiety, fear. You're literally absorbing the negative frequencies of suffering. Only eat free range and organic and wild caught. Even worse are hot dogs and bacon and sausage and lunchmeat because they've added a whole bunch of chemicals to some weird throw away animal parts that they ground up, which makes these foods really cheap, Yeah, but it also makes it a really low frequency choice. Creates a lot of that drag that I was talking about, that toxicity in your cells. And that drag literally slows your cells down and makes them oscillate at a lower rate. Those cells are then busy trying to get rid of all this junk Class 1. What do high-vibration people eat? 8 and repair themselves instead of filling their highest and best purpose for you. Because every cell has a purpose. Every cell in your glorious body is trying to do a job for you. Let me tell you what I hope you do with this information. It's insider information. You now have ways to think about and talk about food that few others do. Now, grains are carbohydrates you've been taught by the Diet industry to fear and because of the way most people eat grains, like 95% of grain products sold out there in the form of wheat flour, you're also getting processed food. With white flour, the Miller throws away the germ and the bran in the grain. That's where the vitamins are. That's where the fiber is. And it was sprayed with Round Up. Unless the grain is certified organic, it was sprayed with a lot of Round Up and more than once. Now they're spraying it again right before it is harvested to dry out the grain. So you're best off avoiding grains if to you grains means a product made from wheat flour. Grains ground into flour and put on grocery store shelves for months or years after the wheat is ground, this kind of food is best avoided completely as wheat flour products have a high impact on your blood sugar. There's very little fiber in these products. The micronutrients are low. The oils in the wheat or rancid months after it was ground and went into the supply chain and Oh my, the levels of Round Up. If there's a good grain to eat, it's going to be organic and not made from flour. You can find sprouted organic whole grain products including grains that don't naturally have any gluten in the health food store. And for most people, these are good foods. There's spelt, kamut, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, lots of them. Now, if you'd like to take the Design Your High Vibration Life Course, we're putting 12 challenges to you throughout the year, each of them, very powerful to shift small choices you make every day. Joining us in the course is far more than food. Really it's everything I've learned about how to live at 10 hertz higher frequencies every day, every year, from now on. I will guide you and support you through 12 months of high vibration habits to the happiest and healthiest year of your life, which then becomes your new baseline. If you order the course now, you get 50% off and we will give you the Vibe journal for free. In just a matter of days we're shutting this deal down and I don't want you to be sad when you didn't jump in with us. We're going to work through your emotions, your thoughts and how you deal with the other people in your life. We're going to look at how you're attracting money and success. What we're looking for here is where money and opportunity are a river you're dipping into rather than a drip coming from the faucet. These three concepts are that, Number One: Time as you know it, is a lie and there's actually an endless supply of it. And two: There's an endless stream of money flowing out there and if you don't have enough of it, you have a key missing understanding of how energies, Karma and economics work together. If you have a big resistance to that, don't join us now in the course because you're not ready. Join us if you are ready only for some Einsteinian thinking applied to your life rather than those old Newtonian limited principles of economics, money, time, energies, and opportunity in general. Click the link and check out the deal going on right now because that window to join us is about to close. The third concept, join us only if you are open to this, is that there are foods that have a natural ability to heal you mind and spirit, to support you in creativity and flow and heal billions of cells in every organ and tissue of your body, every system of your body. But let me repeat that more essentially, there are Class 1. What do high-vibration people eat? 9 foods that heal cells, prevent and reverse disease states and take you to euphoric creative places in your work and your play. So these are some of the mysteries of the universe we're going to explore and right now in honor of the launch of my book Vibe, that course is available at a huge discount. I'd love to have you join us, but just for a limited time and if you're not ready to move on to the one year plan and dive into secrets of the universe stuff then I'm very hopeful that this video masterclass helped you, opened your mind a bit, made you think more deeply about your life and helped you sense that there is more. Remember Einstein wasn't a genius because he wrote really hard physics theorems. He was a genius because he was learning how and talking about how you are exchanging electrons with many other human beings around the globe. You and I are exchanging energies right now. You can do and be more if you understand energies. Einstein understood that you are energetically one with the other living beings on this planet, people, plants, animals in such a literal way. Remember, Tesla didn't change the world because he discovered AC or alternating current as a power source. I mean, he did that and it was powerful. But what he knew before anyone except Einstein and Plank and a few others, is that the secrets of the universe are held in the understanding that matter is more than atoms and molecules. You as a human being are more than cells, organs, tissues, and a beating heart. You are energies. You are in streams of energies outside you. If you can even make that distinction. And when you tap those powerful energies, you leverage them. You attach your energies to other high vibration forces. That is when you are unstoppable. That is when you are creative, expansive, successful, and even more loving than you ever dreamed possible. So join us only if you're ready to tap the secrets of the universe, all the way from your diet to your emotional state, to what kind of financial success you're attracting. So click the link before this huge discount is gone. And I hope I see you there.