It’s our LAST giveaway, don’t miss this…..

Carl Johnson of Utah, you just won the Primal Pit Paste Prize Package!! I know you’ll LOVE using these non-toxic, metal-free deodorants to keep you fresh AND healthy!

Today the highlight is hearing Todd’s story of CHANGE from drinking tons of green smoothies every day for 30 days. And staying off Rockstar and junk food! (We both ended up modifying, we didn’t last on green smoothies ONLY!)

And, we’ve got one more prize I hope you LOVE! Check it out, and thanks for your support. It’s not too late to donate to We will make sure that your contribution is fully appropriated to make meaningful change. LOVE YOU!

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  1. I was away this past week and know it is too late for the drawing, but just wanted you to know that before I left I did donate $50 to your project. I missed my green smoothies while we were gone but I plan to get back on them asap. They really do make you feel better — alot!

  2. Your work is inspiring! Love that your are taking it out into the world! I made a donation of $100 and think that your matching donations, beyond the commitment you’ve already made, is beyond generous!

  3. Way to go, Todd! It’s been fun following along on this journey. Excited to hear how the school building goes next year! Best wishes with that, Robyn!

  4. Thank you and congratutions on a fabulous month Robyn and Todd! Todd, way to go on your health results…and you look great too ha!

    My cousin’s daughter Betsy loved your book ” The Adventures Junk Food Dude” so much that I want to get it for all of the other little ones in our family!

  5. That’s REALLY Great News of Your Great Results, Todd!
    Congratulations on Your Belief, Decision and Efforts paying off for You!
    I used to eat a lot of junk, but now I’m vegan and I would say I can’t believe how easy it was to change, for good, but I can’t NOT believe it, because that’s all it’s been for me.
    A few times I decided to go all vegan and no junk, and then just decided, not tempted or weak, just decided to change back a few times, too.
    But for the past 3 1/2 years I just decided not to go back to my old S.A.D. Standard American Diet. My positive decision is, as I explained in my poem several weeks ago, my Decision, Diligence and Discipline to eat healthy is based on my Desire, which is based on my Philosophy, which is based on my Belief of Good Information — so much of which I have gotten from Robyn, The Green Smoothie Girl.
    I burned out my blenders, but I kept eating greens and other good things.
    Thank You, Robyn, Todd & Everyone!
    My Best Wishes & Blessings to You All & to The Zambian Children!

  6. Great to hear, Todd, that your blood sugar, insulin, & triglyceride levels all went down to a healthier number! You and Robyn are inspiring me to do better with my diet and my family’s diet (good to know you both are “real”–having to adjust with the green smoothies diet–shows us you’re being smart about it & for all of us to be smart with whatever dietary needs we have)! Is there a place we can donate after today to Mothers Without Borders (I have to wait ’til pay day)? I’d love to support such a great cause. Great job and Thanks for all the encouragement for all of us followers!!! I’d absolutely LOVE to win the $200 GSG Shopping Spree! Best of luck to you both in the future.

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