8 thoughts on “Is running good for you? How about marathons?

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  1. I have completed many marathons, ultramarathons, and long distance adventures. When asked if they are healthy, I always reply “no” and quite agree w Robyn’s response. Though they most likely shorten my life, they also enrichen my life and give me a good reason to follow an extra-healthy lifestyle. And I find there is something special about pushing oneself to the limits and seeing what can be seen inside. I wouldn’t be afraid of recommending them, as long as one lives a healthy lifestyle that supports the activities. If you need anti-inflammatories or other drugs to do them, think seriously about not doing them or getting healthy first. As far as healthy exercises, I quite think yoga, tai chi, and gardening are the healthiest.

  2. yay….I have one more reason to not feel bad b/c I hate running…well, unless something/someone is chasing me…then running is totally justified. 🙂

  3. I agree and I think Dr Stutman said it best in his book “Walk Don’t Die”. Too many bad things can happen to you when you run. A heart attack could be one of them, but beyond that the strain on your back and other joints compounds over time. I recall someone saying once, that if God wanted us to run, we would have hooves, not feet. LOL. Thanks for your inspirational messages.

  4. Love this! I certainly agree! I have no knee or back problems, and I exercise only 3 x’s per week and of course drink my quart of green smoothie! I’ve never ran a marathon and I have no desire too. I did however do a sprint triathlon and I felt like an Iron man. Thank you!

  5. You got guts, girl! Questioning conventional wisdom…you’ve got your nerve! (lol) As a former marathoner, I agree with you. Walking exercises everything in the body in balance, running overexercises certain parts. Just doesn’t make sense. When I exercise now, its for fun, not this grit-your-teeth, gotta-get-this-done ordeal. Something that tells me I’m on the right path is the last month, when I’ve been on a lfrv eating program, with multiple green smoothies every day. Actually haven’t exercised at all, and people are asking me if I’ve been working out. Never got asked that when I was eating high fat raw, and going “nuts” exercising.

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