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Is Jimmer Fredette a GreenSmoothieGuy?

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Feb 15, 2011

What an amazing weekend I’ve had. Sarah McLachlan concert on Valentine’s Day. Skiing three days in a row. A birthday party with my kids and then my 10 BFF’s. See my annual Valentine’s letters to my kids using candy convo hearts below. Met my new nephew Flynn, see photo (and took his mom a basket of green smoothies because she’s been sick). And…..wait for it, the best part at the end of this blog….

More photos of my birthday party are on facebook, if you haven’t “friended” me yet. The GreenSmoothieGirl fanpage is HERE, and my personal page is HERE. (Happy to have you as my “friend” both places, but I might comment about life in general on the personal page!)

The best part….Jimmer Fredette’s aunt and uncle, Lee and Jen Taft, were in town from New York. They have a big sports-training web site. I did a phone interview once, and they wanted a video interview while they were in town and contacted me well in advance. I dropped a hint but they didn’t follow up–I was too shy to ask if my boys and I could meet their nephew who might be the biggest thing to ever happen to BYU.

Remember Jimmer Fredette scored 44 points, against the #4 nationally ranked team, perpetually hits 3-point shots from barely inside the half-court line. And he’s like six feet tall, playing with guys who are 6’8″? (WHO DOES THAT?!) He’s a noun, a verb, an adjective, and an interjection, around here!

So as I am leaving to drive down to BYU, I ask Tennyson if he wants to come. He says, “Will Jimmer be there?” I said, “I doubt it.” (Ohhhhh, I hate myself.) So he opted to stay and take a nap. So I get there, and Jen introduces me to her beautiful family and points a few yards off and says, “That’s Jimmer.” Then she calls him over and says enthusiastically, “Jimmer, this is GreenSmoothieGirl!”

(OMG. I can die now. I’ve seen everything. What is wrong with this introduction?!?! I get lots of laughs every time I tell this story. This is a guy that had to be police-escorted from a Utah Jazz game because he was MOBBED.)

One of my GF’s was at my house, after I left, and she saw Tennyson. She said, “Why didn’t you go? What will you do if your mom gets to meet Jimmer Fredette?” He said, “Probably kill myself.” (There’s a reason we call him Drama Boy!)

Does Jimmer drink green smoothies? Maybe that explains how amazing he is! Watch for him in the NBA next year. Here’s the photo. View it and weep, Tennyson baby.

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3 thoughts on “Is Jimmer Fredette a GreenSmoothieGuy?”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can’t believe what a small world it is! I find your site one night, start drinking green smoothies, order your 12-step program, read your blog on a regular basis and then see news about our hometown hero! Wow. We can’t get enough news about Jimmer around here. There’s at least one article a week in our local paper, but I never expected to read about him here! Glad you got to meet him. Happy birthday!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Haha I went to high school with Jimmer! He was pretty scrawny back then, so he must be doing something right 🙂 Maybe it is green smoothies!

  3. Anonymous says:

    My father, Douglas Fredette, believes we may be related. He’s also a fan. My great-grand father was the youngest male of 31 children, and my dad was raised in Connecticutt (Hartford and Litchfield). I was born in New York, but live in Baton Rouge. Congrats on the Sweet 16, and although LSU is here, if you are family, you will get all of our fans, because I’m an athlete. It must be in the blood! I go by Terri. Please respond, as my dad doesn’t have a computer any longer. Take care, good luck and hope to hear from someone.

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