8 thoughts on “Is it healthy to use a lot of Stevia?

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  1. Stevia is great, but give Susta a try–best yet. Tastes delicious, full of fiber and probiotics, super healthy. Made by NXT Nutritionals.

  2. I believe that stevia actually nourishes the pancreas and is great for diabetics. I know diabetics, including my brother, who have seen significant benefits in their blood sugars from using it. One person who was extremely insulin dependent eventually didn’t need insulin injections…of course he was under proper supervision of a medical professional. Just saying that stevia has great benefits and is a nice way to add a little sweetness when needed 🙂

  3. I guess I wonder how the sugar study was done. Were the subjects given isolated fructose, or were they given whole fruit? I believe that it isn’t healthy to break food down to its components. Perhaps by eating the fruit in its natural state it wouldn’t be detrimental to the body?

  4. I’d be curious to see what Dr. Young says… I think he said any and all sweeteners are acidic to the body… Let me see if I can find the link… Oh, here it is. This is interesting and please read thoroughly to see what he says and see how you feel about it. It was eye opening and depressing for me at the same time because I have a sweet tooth but I figure if I’m going to induldge in my temptation atleast I can pick a more whole foods approach LOL


  5. I have been using Stevia since 1996, when I realized the Equal I was using was causing my dermatitis. I have found no reactions from using it. Everything I have read indicates it is perfectly safe and has been used in other countries/cultures for a very long time. Some say it is an acquired taste, but I love it, and my hubby just started using it instead of sugar in his tea. He is very stubborn when it comes to trying something healthy.

    1. Yes, safer than agave in that there aren’t any known negative side effects, no impact on blood sugar. It is herbal and has been used safely in other countries for decades. More commonly used here in the U.S. in the past decade.

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