intelliBED Winner says “Thank You” for the best sleep of her life

I received this heartwarming email from Darlene, the winner of our intelliBED giveaway in the humanitarian BlendAid campaign this past September. It’s moments like these that make my job so worthwhile. I’ve told you before how much I LOVE my bed and how radically it has changed my life for the better. Now you get to hear it from someone else:

My Intellibed was delivered to me yesterday, the guys set it up for me and went off on their merry way. Off and on during the day, I would lay on the bed to feel the comfort, afraid to take a nap—I had things to do! Bedtime rolled around, and oh my goodness! I went right to sleep, I woke up once due to pressure on my arm, I’ve had a tendency to use it under my pillows, but now I don’t need to do that. Just a few minor adjustments in my sleep to make.

It was the best sleep EVER. No aches and pains this morning, I didn’t realize just how badly I have felt every morning. I woke up refreshed and energized! I feel like a new person! I can hardly wait for my husband to get home. He either sleeps in his truck or in a cheap motel that his company puts him up in, this will be truly amazing for him. I don’t know if you’ve ever slept in a truck sleeper, the mattresses are on par with a 3-inch piece of foam, it’s an absolute crime! I’m so excited for him to get the best sleep of his life!

Thank you so much for this bed, it is truly a blessing.


Darlene, congratulations on winning my favorite bed and thanks for sharing your story with us. I’m so happy for you and all my friends who make little changes for the sake of their priceless health.

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  1. ok I ordered my bed yesterday……I got the 10% off but not all the goodies for free. It will be delivered to my house this coming Monday……sure hope it sleeps as good as you say Robyn……guess I have 60 days to try it out!!!

  2. Darlene, I just love your story. I posted a comment/reply to you on your entry comment. I don’t know if you ever saw it or not. But girl, Jesus loves you and your hubby so much. And I was just so happy to read another little part of your story here. I am so glad He used amazing Robyn to bless you with that bed. Sleep is so darn important, and God knows that and knows our needs. He says he gives His beloved sleep. You, my unknown friend, are his beloved. He has also promised to heal ALL our illnesses. (Read Psalm 103 if you have a moment). That breast cancer stands NO chance again our amazing, healing God. It is gone, in Jesus’ name. Love, love and then some more love to you and to Robyn. Cindy

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