intelliBED . . . need I say more?

Congrats to Cori Carrico of Georgia on winning the prize package from Kirk and Kim Duncan of 3KeyElements. You will benefit from their amazing and life-changing info.

I’ve gotten so many emails and texts and comments in the blog…..pick me, pick me, I need an intelliBED!

Don’t we all. Check out at the intelliBED group buy deal we have going on now through Oct. 15…..with $550 in freebies plus a big discount…..the webinar has all my best tips for improving your sleep. It matters because sleep affects your overall quality of life in a very measurable and noticeable way.

But ONE of you is going to win a FREE intelliBED. Any size you choose. A King-sized bed is worth $5,000! Make SURE you don’t miss out because you have to be signed up to follow HERE.

It’s almost your last chance to share the contest with friends…..our adventures are about to come to a close.

Please give generously to Mothers Without Borders to help us with the Zambia effort… you all, and we’ll see you TOMORROW with the intelliBED winner!

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  1. At 30 years old I suffered a devastating nerve injury that has left me in chronic pain the last 10 years. A bed like this would truly help me sleep better durning my restless night. It would be a huge gift that is greatly, and long time needed. Thank you!

  2. I am commenting because we are asked to do so for a chance to win this wonderful bed with a revolutionary design. I am so, so thankful for all I have and continue to learn from Robyn and her affiliate health and wellness folks. My life has so completely and drastically been impacted and changed from the first time I met her in Charlotte and began the 12 step program plus yearly detoxes. Robyn, you are fabulous!!!

  3. Hi! Been looking into a new mattress and my husbands chagrined that I won’t settle for anything less than an intellibed. So I am determined to live with our 20+ year old mattress that we wake up sore from until we can save our pennies for one. Saving for a house to put it in 1st though! Lol! Oh me oh my what a great giveaway as well as Cause for so many that are in a much, much worse circumstances… there’s just not even a comparison. THANK YOU!

  4. Wow! 846 posts…hope some of my FB friends took the opportunity to post. More importantly I hope that they took the time to visit your website and get hooked. Robyn your the best! Thank you for sharing your journey, insights and friends

  5. My hubby needs this. He doesn’t sleep very well and is always complaining about it. He hates that I sleep like a baby and don’t need as much sleep as he does. He is a hard worker and I would love to be able to win this for him.

  6. Hi robyn, Thank you so much for all the hard work and information you constantly send our way. My family and I use several of your products. The super food greens and the ultimate minerals have become essentials to our daily routine. We loved meeting you in irvine and cant wait to see you again. I unfortunately suffer from lower back pain and i believe the intelliBed will be an answer to my prayers. Its exciting to see all these giveaways!! So generous of you and other companies for this opportunity. You are a blessing to all of us!!

  7. Oh my I hope I’m not to late to try and win this. My husband and I have had the same said mattress for WAY too many yrs. This would be the best 33rd Wedding Anniversary gift every. 🙂

  8. Do not be disappointed if you don’t win the intellibed. If you were born in the US you have already hit the lotto! Think about the educational opportunities we have and the abundance of good food we have access to!

  9. Hush little Lindsey, a word not be said. Smoothie girl will give you that In-tell-i-BED.
    Tossing and turning a thing of the past.
    A new mattress to help your REM last.
    No more neck, shoulder, or back pain here.
    Other things to focus on, my mind now clear.
    Oh Green Smoothie Girl how can I give thanks?
    To aid in your cause I will open my banks!

  10. Whow! an IntelliBed!? thats insane, very very cool. I enjoyed the video, did not know about all the toxins a bed can have. Excited for this win, thanks robyn

  11. Thank you for this generous gift. What a wonderful thing to do for someone. May you be blessed for your kindness. I let go of, I have to have this, for I do not have to truly have this, but it would be wonderful. I hope that this goes to someone truly in need of it. Wishing you all enough.

  12. I’m so excited about this post!! What an amazing giveaway. Thank you!! I would love to win this incredible bed. I broke my back in June, and have realized the importance of a great mattress:)

  13. Hey Robyn, this is a great giveaway! I wanted to know though how are you feeling on your green smoothies? I’d love to hear how your feeling and how this month has been. Are you anxious to eat? Are you feeling different and or better?

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