If you’re on my facebook page (personal, and GSG page), you probably get the idea that I work hard and play hard. I don’t sleep much and have to be practically held down to watch TV. Kristin and I are going to go visit my friends in the 4 major cities of Texas, say hi to my brother and his family in Dallas….on our way to scuba dive in Mexico for a few days.

So sign up here for our free class in

DALLAS Oct. 20

AUSTIN Oct. 21



(We’re giving away a $435 BlendTec Total Blender, a $180 12 Steps course, and lots of my favorite stuff at each class, so check out the raffle page when you sign up.)

We need a location and a business to sponsor each lecture—so please write Amanda@greensmoothiegirl.com if you’ve got ideas? Think chiropractors, naturopaths, gyms, health food stores, yoga or massage clinics, for sponsors. Think school gyms, rec centers, churches, for venues.

Just for fun, I had to show you these photos of Tennyson and me fishing with friends in the Uintahs last weekend–it was JULY 16 and there was still a few feet of snow on the ground! I’ve never seen that, in my 25 years here. Don’t you worry, I took the hook out of these tiger trouts’ mouths and sent them back to their mamas.

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  1. Okay so I talked to Zane at Whole Foods in San Antonio. She does demos and schedules events there. They have a backroom that could fit about 50 people. I guess I should have asked before, do you just want a Health food store that will advertise for your class so you can have the event at a bigger place? That’s what I’m getting the impression of.

    1. Hi Trish, we already have 150 ticketed for that event–likely a lot more by Oct. 22. Plus WFM doesn’t let me promote my book, etc. since they don’t sell it. 🙂 Thank you though!! Health food stores don’t work for us anymore because the audience doesn’t fit in them; plus for several reasons we like to be independent these days.

  2. YAY! You’re coming to Texas! We’re excited to have you here! There is one Whole Foods in San Antonio at the Quarry Shopping area. There is also a store called “Central Market” in the downtown area. Then there are a few Sun Harvests (one off IH-10 and the other at 281/1604 loop).

    May I also suggest stopping in San Marcos? Its part way between San Antonio and Austin and I know a venue there and the guy who works at it. We had Ken Rohla come and speak there. Also, its a town with a big university in it – Texas State. I’m sure you’ll love that!

    As far as venues go, there is an LDS church/institute bldg right across from UTSA. And there are also many, many other huge church buildings in San Antonio of other churches. Largest Gyms that are in the area: Spectrum Athletic club, Lifetime Fitness, Golds Gym. I hear Lifetime is the fanciest and most expensive membership. I’ll message the Raw foody groups and see who else can be a sponsor.

  3. I’m so glad to see you are going to be in Colorado! I just moved here from South Florida and for a few months have been feeling “off” ~ still eating vegan, but not enough raw or enough smoothies to keep me going. Its just the push I needed ~ seeing you ~ to help! Thanks so much for what you do and I look forward to seeing you in Castle Rock!!! ;0)

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