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if you’ve been thinking you want a far infrared sauna……

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Dec 14, 2012


In January, we’ll do our annual group buy on Infrared Saunas. But Logan, who arranges wholesale pricing for our readers, just told me…..

That if you order yours early, by Dec. 21, they can ship it by the 21st, before their office closes through Jan. 2, so you get more use from it in the cold winter months. And he’ll give us an EXTRA gift, even more than we get during the group buy. The freebie is a cedar floor mat (step out of your sauna without staining the carpet), plus the other two free gifts for the group buy starting next month (free ceramic hanging aromatherapy cup, and free hanging cedar towel shelf). These total $120 in free accessories.

Plus the FREE SHIPPING and WHOLESALE PRICING you can’t get anywhere else—only till Dec. 21.

(Next month we’ll do the group buy. But again, if you want a pre-promotion extra, the cedar floor mat retails at $30 and we get it only through Dec. 21.)

Here’s the link to learn more, including the webinar all about the powerful detoxifying benefits of having an infrared sauna in your home. I’m in mine regularly and LOVE IT. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t tell YOU about it. I love how my skin looks and feels after I get out, and I love that it induces a sweat I cannot get even running 5 miles in the heat! The weight loss potential is fun, since it’s a passive way to get a heart rate increase.

Look at the various models to see which one fits your space best.

My FAR Infrared Sauna is possibly the most important thing I have purchased in the past five years—that and my water ionizer. I get in my sauna at 150+ degrees for 25-30 mins frequently.

I feel the deals I negotiated are great price points for the sauna company that has the highest quality, lovely aesthetics, and excellent health benefits. (In fact, we’ve gone direct to the company that manufactures for all the OTHER companies.)

Many low-end saunas emit EMF and toxins, have poor workmanship, low-grade heaters, with very little FAR infrared waves. In addition to my academic research in the report HERE, I had the company take EMF readings and email me the meter readings.

Then I had an independent EMF expert test and tell me his results. Then I went to Salt Lake to examine this company’s saunas myself. Finally, I bought my own and installed it (it’s easy, each side snaps together). I bought a Trifield meter, and tested the EMF. Then I used it for months before telling you about it.

And some of the high-end saunas will cost up to $2,000 more than these units with no real advantages besides a few bells and whistles. I recently visited a friend out of town and used their high-end sauna. It took 1 hour and 15 minutes to heat to 110 degrees. That’s 40 degrees lower than I achieve daily in my sauna, heating it for only 45 minutes. (Also my friend’s has a “hot spot” on the floor generating very high EMF.)

So, if you want to start using yours right away, that’s the deal for the next week only! $120 in freebies, free shipping, wholesale pricing, learn about it HERE.


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4 thoughts on “if you’ve been thinking you want a far infrared sauna……”

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  1. Elizabeth Fiorentino says:

    If you are on the fence buy this. I passed this group buy info on to my sister last year and she got in on the deal…and LOVES it!! Logan and customer service have been great. Her one issue was handled quickly and at no cost to her. Check out the webinar and enjoy the sweat!

  2. Casey P. says:

    Is this a good way to detox for a nursing mother, or will the toxins still get into the milk? Also, will the prices you have on the site now be lower when you do the group buy next month?

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