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If you saw what I see….part 2 of 2

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jan 31, 2011

If you make it even to 60 eating the Standard American Diet, without chronic health issues, you have dodged a bullet and you’re an exception to the rule. Your parents and grandparents degenerated the DNA you inherited, with their lousy diet. (They didn’t know better. You have more data and options, in 2011, so you have fewer excuses.)

(The fact that your mother’s father chain-smoked his way to age 103? That may be as useful and relevant as a glass eye in a keyhole, as my dad would say.)

(I’ve no clue what that means either.)

Let’s turn this thing around BEFORE an x-ray shows lesions on your nerve column in the spine and your right arm goes numb. Let’s change habit BEFORE cancerous cells become a diseased organ that you really need.

Let’s start supplying your body vibrant, living reds, greens, yellows, and oranges as fuel — instead of dead, chemical-preserved foods fried in toxic refined oils.

You can totally do it. Many people have, and are.

It’s an exciting revolution. Back to our roots. Living in the modern world with all its abundance but skipping the past century’s love affair with plastic-food addictions. It’s like straddling ancient and modern worlds, picking the best of both. It’s an exciting time to be alive—if we can be selective!

I stayed with my film crew after Thursday’s class, to film segments in the Good Earth, of the products I buy in health food stores. We also filmed the class; we’ll edit it and offer it on the site, soon, for those who live away or want to share the message with others who can’t attend.

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