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I recommend you stock up on raw almonds!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Sep 27, 2014

cali droughtThe California drought may have long-term effects. This story is interesting, about the effect on groundwater of several years of drought. This year’s almond crop was actually quite high-yield, but some experts say that almond supply could drop sharply starting next year, and of course prices will soar. I keep mine in the freezer in gallon Ziploc bags. I recommend you stock up in this year’s group buy.

I am not certain if we will do a group buy after 2014, as we are folding most of our business activities into GSGLife.com beginning Jan. 1. But for sure if we do continue the group buy, it will NOT have GSG products in it. Here’s this year’s group buy, with lots of unprocessed, nutrient-dense whole foods kitchen staples!gsgalmonds

We started the group buy because it’s so hard to find unpasteurized almonds anywhere. We get them directly from the grower, and because we are just facilitating your purchase through them, and California law allows 100# per day to any given person, we are able to help you avoid having to eat heat-treated almonds. That’s what they sell in the store as “raw,” but in fact they have been heated well above the temperature that kills enzymes.

We’re taking orders only through Oct. 25, so check it out HERE, and organize your neighborhood to stock up!

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