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I love Idaho Falls, part 1 of 3

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jun 14, 2011

I went to Idaho Falls a year ago for a tri-state tournament for Tennyson’s baseball team, and just for fun, I put on the blog and facebook that I was teaching a class. A reader asked the little supplement store there, Wealth of Health or something, to host it. Their response: “Nobody here cares about whole foods.” Well, 80 people showed up.

Fast forward, I found out a few weeks ago that Tennyson’s team is playing that tourney again. So I post the class, and AGAIN the little nutrition shop tells a reader: “Nobody will care about GreenSmoothieGirl here–this is Idaho.”

225 people packing the Idaho Falls High School auditorium tells me otherwise. I loved meeting so many wonderful people in our neighbor-state, and I loved early-morning running along your beautiful, waterfalled Snake River again. (It’s flooding, too, some parts of the trail under water, forcing us into the road.) That water feature randomly in the middle of town is SPECTACULAR, more beautiful than anything I’ve seen in any big city. We loved Yellowstone’s Bear World. (That’s a 10-year old’s photography you’re looking at, since I was driving.)

Tennyson and I ate at Applebee’s, and then he rocketed the baseball over the fence for a three-run homer. The next day he insisted that we go to Applebee’s AGAIN for lunch to eat the Paradise Salad in a superstitious attempt to replicate his performance the day before.

BAM. Another over-the-fence hit. He came home with a trophy as his team won all four games in their pool (before taking 2nd in the tournament overall), plus the two balls he will proudly show you the mark where his bat tore through the hides. Tennyson is back row, far right, no hat, in the photo.

Tomorrow I have a fun little video for you of Sam the Cop who healed massive congenital heart problems and more, with a plant-based diet and green smoothies!

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4 thoughts on “I love Idaho Falls, part 1 of 3”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad you had fun in Idaho, but really, really, really, really missed seeing you at the health expo in Richfield.

    1. Robyn Openshaw, MSW says:

      Karen, I’m so sorry if you didn’t get the email we sent out that Kat would be the speaker? So sorry, hope you got a lot out of it anyway.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There are a lot more in rexburg who do green smoothies! My friend who converted me has converted many in her work place and family and friends! After she converted me, I, myself, have converted my kids, husband, parents, grandparents, sister inlaw and her kids, and now I am getting my friends who have just all had babies finally on board! And my mother in law! There are a ton up here! I was bummed we couldn’t go to your class in idaho falls With my mother in law because she is finally ready! But we were out of town, and came back that night. Hopefully you will b up again! Thanks for changing so many peoples lives!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bear World is the best! 🙂

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