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Cancer: now it’s personal, part 3 of 3

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jun 07, 2013

I finally had to excuse myself from this meeting with Tall&Handsome and his doctor. T&H was smiling and enthusiastic. Wanting to translate German research and have me help publicize what this European doctor knows and is doing, that can help many American prostate cancer patients. The effect of this conversation, for T&H, was optimism and mobilization. Love him for that.

Temporarily for me, at least, was a different reaction. I went back to my room very emotional. Engulfed with grief and paralyzed by how BIG the problem is, of how we view and treat cancer in the world today. How many it affects. Sometimes, the lovely individuals I meet on my research journey simply bring me to my knees.

Cancer becomes so personal when you know cancer patients intimately. If you are reading this, I think you can relate. You have loved someone with cancer too, haven’t you?

I just happen to get to know more cancer patients than most people, due to my work.

I was devastated that Tall & Handsome, my new friend, may have undergone damaging treatments that are unnecessary and unhelpful.

starfish seaMore to come on this topic as I learn more. I’m not done looking for what works, world-wide, and telling more people about it. (I can’t save all the starfish on the beach, can’t throw them all back. I think for those this blog does reach, however, information and education matters. It’s life changing to learn EARLY how to question medical wisdom, require methods to be justified, find out WHAT ELSE might be better.)

Soon I will share a video I did with an amazing woman from Canada named Dagmar, whom I met at the Swiss Mountain Clinic (formerly known as Paracelsus al Ronc). She was diagnosed years later than she should have been, with a Stage 3C colon cancer. Her Canadian medical system refused for years to order a colonoscopy, when she sensed something was wrong and asked for it. She was finally diagnosed when she paid out-of-pocket to go to a private clinic and demand the test on her own. Her first (and last!) chemotherapy treatment caused a heart attack before she went to the clinic in January and received wonderful care that has her now training for a 10-mile race, in her late 50’s.

She and I, and T&H too, underwent four-hour Full Body Hyperthermia treatment. By far the hardest thing I’ve experienced in my studying non-toxic cancer treatments. I had it filmed when I finally arrived at 104 degrees Fahrenheit. I explain on-camera, during that procedure, and afterwards, why this is among the most evidence-based of the cancer treatment options. I’ll share my video, about this, later.

Postscript: T&H wrote me that he was offended I called him “skinny.” (Did I use that word?!) He reports having significant weight gain at the Swiss Mountain Clinic, due to 90 min. weightlifting and punching-bag sessions in their gym, combined with the Coy Diet served there. (If you come with us and do the Liver Detox, I’ll talk about this in Sunday’s blog entry, you’ll LOSE weight. But the Coy Diet is the first nutritionally sound program I’ve seen where cancer patients can GAIN weight.) He has come home strengthened and feeling “amazing,” with a number of biomarkers improved. He feels that in addition to the diet, his regimen designed by Dr. Petra, and the treatments including ozone infusions, chelations, hyperthermia, and more at the Swiss Mountain Clinic have dramatically decreased his pain and increased his energy and ability to sleep. We both hope more North American cancer patients discover this phenomenal clinic.

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6 thoughts on “Cancer: now it’s personal, part 3 of 3”

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  1. My husband just beat bladder cancer with low dose radiation and hyperthermia treatments in a clinic in southern CA. The Iowa doctors told him he had 2 years to live. After 5 1/2 months at this clinic in Culver City he is cancer-free and no tumor.

  2. Nancy says:

    So amazing Robyn!

  3. Jeff Andersen says:

    Robyn, you and what you do are wonderful. Just a video of Dr Prendergast from Stanford, who uses high dose Vit D with his Prostate C patients, who, according to him, have wonderful outcomes – http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=3F1406E074AC7F36E9E5B87F8FCC1028

  4. Patti says:

    Robyn, you might want to take a look at the work done by Doug Kauffman. He has a syndicated TV show called Know the Cause. He has written about 7 books on the subject of fungus and how he believes it is cancer. His phase one diet excludes are fungus and fungus feeding foods including the usual white products (sugar,flour,rice,potatoes,fruit except berries and green apples). He’s been on TV for at least 12 years. He feels most doctors including most holistic doctors just don’t understand or study much about the fungus link to most all disease. Very interesting stuff. His website is http://www.knowthecause.com.

  5. Jeff Andersen says:

    Recommend listening to Dr Joe Prendergast of Stanford talk about using high dose Vit D for his advanced prostate C patients. You can google ‘vitamin D miracle hormone’ to bring up his talk with Dr Saputo

  6. mooreganics says:

    Have you posted the film you did on the hyperthermia treatment yet?

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