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Huntsman Cancer Institute: Surely You Can Do Better Than That!

Robyn Openshaw, MSW - Jul 18, 2011 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Front page of the Sunday paper, a story about Le Tour De Donut. It’s a local bike race. The article’s subtitle: “It’s a food eating contest with some biking in between.”

And the food was white sugar and white flour (and a bit of refined salt) fried in toxic hydrogenated grease. You were rewarded with 3 minutes knocked off your time for every donut you ate.

These are precisely the values that have led millions of Americans to cancer, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, joint degeneration, dozens of autoimmune conditions, strokes, heart attacks, and more. The majority of the population is now afflicted with several of these diagnoses. Those values require us to have our little kids run around on a soccer field for an hour and reward them for their exercise with a donut and high-fructose corn syrup and blue-food-dye drink.

In paragraph 7, I finally find where the money from the race is going:

“…all competitors survived and faced the challenge with a smile as they raced and ate for a good cause: All proceeds from the race went to the Huntsman Cancer Institute.”

Elden is in the photo reaching for a donut. He’s a hardcore road biker and a fantastic writer, with a cycling website called that has a huge cult following. His wife, Susan, was my dear friend of 15 years and died two years ago of breast cancer, leaving behind four children.

Susan chose chemo and radiation. Elden’s site raised a tremendous amount of money to “battle” breast cancer. Many don’t realize that those funds go to Big Pharma to develop more drugs and then disseminate more skewed research to medical practitioners.

[Very important that I make usual disclaimer: cancer patients are very emotionally tied to their treatment of choice–whether it be chemo/radiation/surgery or other, natural modalities. As I always say, I do not judge the person faced with such a difficult, scary choice. I honor their right to make that choice and this is no criticism of them.]

However, first, I would like more education available in an open climate about alternatives, since M.D.s in the U.S. generally do not offer those. And second, I would like less polarization. My grandmother reported in her journal an M.D. Anderson doctor told her, “Stay away from health food stores.” (She also wrote that a doc said her survival chance was 1% if she didn’t turn away from her nutrition regimen and choose chemo instead.)

Widely varying theories and treatments should co-exist peacefully in a market system and a democracy, and medical doctors should be able to practice other modalities without being ostracized in their profession. “Complementary” medicine has been de facto in Europe for decades.

I know that people who give money to the “pink ribbon” campaigns want to feel good that their dollars make a difference.

But more drugs (which are toxic free radicals that cause cancer and massively increase the chance of recurrence) are not going to solve the cancer problem. We are never going to end this disease, or even significantly slow down its meteoric tide of casualties, until we address what caused the epidemic in the first place. Until we get serious about prevention and treatment modalities that don’t violate the Hippocratic Oath (“first, do no harm”) and work WITH the body’s immune system instead of against it.

As I found the section of the paper where the “Tour de Donut” story continued, I landed on the obituary page where, ironically facing the Donut story, funerals of two beautiful women, Jenny and Jacqueline, (about my age) are being announced, having died of breast cancer or complications of it.

Sugar is the food of cancer. I am furious at the institutions who make millions of dollars on the cancer industry and refuse to educate patients about lifestyle choices, when so much is known about the links between diet and cancer. I am incensed that the cutting-burning-poisoning industries are earning money by encouraging bikers to rinse four donuts off, press them together, and push them down their throats with their fingers to “cut down their times considerably” in the name of donating it to an obscenely profitable cancer clinic.

One bike team member, according to the article, “bravely devoured 18 doughnuts in between laps.” Brave is right–what’s that, like a cup of lard? This helps cancer patients? Or makes more of them?

I have to draw the conclusion that the Huntsman Cancer Institute just doesn’t care.

My grandmother told me her melanoma metastatized to breast cancer. They cut the melanoma out of her arm, but of course many sources describe how surgery causes cancer to scatter and spread. She opted out of chemo, radiation, and mastectomy, and chose instead a 100% raw, plant-based diet. She lived another 25 years. She wrote of the horror show that was her visit to M.D. Anderson’s cancer treatment facility: “…many disfigured people…the very ill….bald, others had ink marks on them for radiation….very depressing.”

But a world-renowned cancer treatment facility is promoting thousands of people cramming the most carcinogenic fuel we have on the planet, in their mouths—with incentives to eat more of it. That’s the best fundraiser they could come up with? There are a million ways to make money. Surely they could do better.

Huntsman Cancer Institute’s endorsement of this event–or even its willingness to accept dollars earned by feeding people a major cause of cancer–is inexcusable.

I plan to let Huntsman know what I think of it. You can do the same–please give your feedback here.

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49 thoughts on “Huntsman Cancer Institute: Surely You Can Do Better Than That!”

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  1. Thank you so much for voicing your opinion on this topic, Robyn! I do believe the Huntsman Center is not being circumspect by supporting such a fundraiser. There are so many ways to educate people through events such as fundraisers with some proper planning and care about correct principles. The Center’s actions do not seem to be in congruence with their mission. Uniting our voices can make changes happen, so let’s all continue to spread the word about proper health, supporting true principles and potential cancer treatments aside from just those offered by big pharma.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Robin, thank you so much for telling it like it is. How refreshing. I’m so tired of the truth being masked in all the politically correct rhetoric. Corporate processed food commercials have been consistently aired for more than two generations now; so long in fact that young people today don’t even know how to eat right. Nutrition is assumed, rather than learned. It all started with a little treat here and there, then it graduated to a treat because I’ve worked so hard I deserve it, to I deserve what I want, to everything has some nutrition anyway, and now to let’s eat donuts to fight cancer. This slippery slope is not only debilitating, it’s embarrassing. I was at Albertson’s yesterday and read a sign saying that General Mills kids cereals were the nations number one source of whole grains. I saw a TV commercial encouraging Americans to just add one more glass of milk to your daily diet to have health and vitality. Can’t you just see an entire generation growing up to believe that Lucky Charms and pasteurized cow’s milk will solve all the nutritional problems of the world. I’m thoroughly appalled. Thank you so much for stepping up to the plate.

  3. My Mother was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2005 and as she put it “did everything her doctors said to do but nothing worked over the long term.” Sure the chemo did shrink the tumor and with it some of the negative effects of the larger tumor and so some relief and time seemed worth it but it seems that once on the bandwagon there is no getting off until you are dead and along the way more and more battles to face.

    My kids tease me because I continuously say that sugar is food for cancer and the Cancer loves it! I continue to ask to be removed from every telemarketer list for any sort of Cancer organization because I, like you, believe that the only CURE for cancer is a healthy immune system and Cancer organizations are really only interested in a cure, not any protection.

    I do understand and agree that most people are not guilty of trying to mislead but are just enlightened. I love the quote by Yoga Nurse above by Deepak Chopra and feel exactly like that. Thus I often will only state my belief and not condemn others for their actions. We do need more proselytizing by people like you Robyn because your emotional yet evidence supported discussions can truly make the difference to those seeking. Thank you,


  4. Go Robyn! As a green smoothie drinking cancer survivor I now look at any cancer fund raising exactly the same way. This is like recent breast cancer fund raising here in Australia-selling white flour sugary finger buns with bright pink icing. When anyone approaches me for money for cancer research I use that opportunity to talk to them about healthy healing food and green smoothies. Amazing how many people completely dismiss the importance of food when healing chronic disease and illness.

  5. Agree entirely with your comments. Pink Ribbon campaign is exactly the same in Australia. I have successfully treated my cancer naturally – from refusing a biopsy onwards. I ate 100% raw for about 15 mths – for six month juices only with a salad each third day – after six mths gradually introduced solid foods. I juice every day beetroot, carrot, green apple & ginger. Breakfast fruit, ground nuts & seeds, yoghurt followed by an egg. Lunch and dinner vegetables, raw & cooked, and protein, sometimes cheese and/or pulses, sometimes organic or free range meat. Don’t eat a lot of grains. I commenced by programme by participating in the 10 day detox programme at Living Valley Springs (

    Regarding your post about goitrogens and broccoli, Sally Fallon certainly does not recommend we forgo eating crucifious vegetables or only eat them boiled away!! Recommend everyone read her book for themselves and not take things out of context.

    Keep up the good work

  6. Anonymous says:

    I know; this really is sad. Every time I used to go to the “leading cancer hospital in TX”, they had the most awful junk in the cafeteria and candy, soft drink machines, etc. all over the place. I always say, “Yeah, they are making cancer history all right…history of their patients!”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh, and I am a three-time lucky winner of….cancer, thanks to the SAD (Standard American Diet)! But, praise God, the last time I listened to my cousin and changed my lifestyle/diet. (I was diagnosed the third time with stage 4 and “they” said I’d never live past last year) Boy, were they ever shocked when I told them after eighteen months that I hadn’t been doing anything they said or taking any of their oral drugs/chemo for all that time! They didn’t know what on earth to do with I’d proved them totally wrong! You CAN survive any cancer unless you are literally on your last breath, and I even know some folks who did so at that late a stage, too! I was told I had seven tumors in the bones (metastatic breast cancer) and after just two months of their “treatment”, I gained an eighth. SO thankful, I stopped and changed. I’m quite alive and well now, thank God.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I had a friend who was fearful of having ovarian cancer up in Colorado. Her mother’s condolence was that they had a really good cancer center, where they had fringes stocked with soda and cookies that the families and patients could eat as much as they wanted. My jaw dropped and I was speechless.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is similar to the summer campaign Wendy’s has been doing to help fund research for juvenile diabetes. They offer a coupon book for 4 Frosties for a dollar. The first time I saw that I said “say what? We are going to fight diabetes by making sugary treats even cheaper?” Such irony.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Dear Robin,

    I would like to shout a big ‘Thank you’ to you from the top of the mountains.

    I was born, raised and educated in Germany. Later on, I lived in England, married and raised my family there for about 40 years. For the past 8 years I am living here in the states. First in California and now in Utah. When I first came to the states, the eating habits and the general lack of healthy nutrition shocked me. I actually saw mothers placing ‘soda pop’ into feeding bottles and giving this ‘poison’ to their little children…….. Doughnuts and Coca Cola seems to be the preferred breakfast……….No wonder, the nation is so sick. My family and I have always tried to live a healthy lifestyle. However, two months ago I came to one of your lectures and we now have made the ‘Green Smoothies’ a very important part of our healthy life style. I am spreading the word, wherever I can and wish you great success in your so much needed crusade. Thank you again.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your post! I 100% agree. Last year when they held the Tour de Donut, I asked them on facebook why they were using donuts that cause cancer to fight their cancer cause and suggested that they use a healthy alternative. They said that it was just to make it more fun and that not all of the bikers participated in eating the donuts. They acted like I was crazy for even bringing it up. I think that people are not informed enough about what causes cancer. Even my father in law thought I was crazy to even suggest that cancer is caused by what we eat.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am a 3 time cancer patient and am grateful for organizations like the Huntsman Cancer Center. My recent cancer was 2 1/2 years ago where I was treat for stage 3 prostate cancer. I am not sure why this site and readers bash such a center and the good work they do. Sure they are a business but they do help many of us who are faced with cancer. I am a believer in healthy living and eating right but I still get cancer. I sincerely believe they have saved my life 3 times now. I think we should appreciate the good in all and accept the flaws while trying to improve life and the quality of living.


  13. Mike says:

    Wow Robyn…relax a little bit. All this concern for a prominent cancer institute supporting a silly event like this will cause you stress induced ulcers of the stomach. That, surely, can cause you grave health concerns for the future. Sometime we need to not get so bent out of shape over little things such as this and concentrate supporting the bigger things in life. Be happy.

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