I've got lots of other great immune boosting tools for you too besides my Hot LemonAid--check out my post "7 Natural Immune Boosters" for more tips for better immunity (plus a great freebie!).

Hot LemonAid

• 4 cups hot (not boiling) water
• 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
• 2 Tbsp. raw honey (raw is important)
• 1/2 piece (or more) fresh ginger root, peeled and chopped in small pieces
• 1/4 cup raw apple cider vinegar (raw is very important)
• Cayenne pepper to taste (cayenne strength varies widely, and "hotter" is more immune stimulating; make it as "hot" as your tastes will tolerate)

Blend all ingredients for 30-60 seconds, until smooth, in a high-speed blender. Drink 1 cup at the first sign of illness, and another cup every 2 hours or as desired. Do not re-heat Elixir after you make the batch; enzymes and immune-stimulating properties will be damaged. Drink it cold or at room temperature after your first serving. It will last 1 week in the fridge but can be frozen!